Truth Fears No Investigation

Ethnic Cleansing of Germans 1945 – 1950

Map: Distribution of German speakers prior to and after 1945.

Billedresultat for The Rape of Germany After World War II

About Slavic Rape Culture

The Rape of Germany After World War II

The Most Heartless War Crime Ever Committed: When the Soviets Sank a German Refugee Ship Full of Children.

Herald of the Victors’ Shame: James Bacque, 1929-2019

James Bacque – Other Losses: Death of Millions of German Prisoners After World War II

British Historian Details Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of World War Two.

The Mass Killings and Brutal Mistreatment of Germans at the End of WWII

OTHER LOSSES – German Ethnic Cleansing

How German Women Suffered Largest Mass Rape in History by Soviets

American WWII GIs Were Dangerous Sex-Crazed Rapists, Explosive Book Claims

French, British and American Soldiers Raped almost One Million German Women after World War II

Crucifying German Women: The Testimony of Captain Hermann Sommer

The Disappearance of the Eastern Germans

A holocaust was what the Americans did to the Germans

The Postwar Occupation of Austria: History Matters (Short Animated Documentary)

Death in Poland. The Fate of the Ethnic Germans

The Unknown History of the 1939 German-Polish Conflict

The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature

A Blank Check & Forked Tongues: How Britain & Poland Started WWII & Blamed Hitler & Germans For Eternity!

Poland Seeks Compensation From Germany For WWII Atrocities: Should They Be Saying Sorry Instead?

Hans Schadewaldt – The Polish Atrocities Against The German Minority In Poland…! (PDF)

The Polish Atrocities Against The German Minority In Poland…!

Polish atrocities against Germans

United States War Department – The German Campaign In Poland: September 1 To October 5, 1939…! (PDF)


Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance.

Dresden was a civilian town with no military significance. Why did they burn its people?

Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Anniversary of Dresden firebombing

Apocalypse at Dresden: The Long Suppressed Story of the Worst Massacre in History

Burning Hell: Bombing Holocaust of Hamburg by British Air Force (1943)

Allied Use of Delay-Action Bombs (aka Long-Term Chemical Detonator Bombs) and their Effects.


The True Story of German-Jewish Relations.

Britain Intended War before Hitler Invaded Poland



British Empire in World War II

Winston Churchill


Everything People Believed about Hitler’s Intentions Toward Britain was a Myth Created by Churchill.

BBC Four documentary reveals friendship between Churchill and a Jewish film producer

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 128px-Gay_Pride_Flag.svg.png

The Ugly Truth About the Nuremberg Tribunals

Public to Get Access to Nuremberg Trials Digital Recordings

Nuremberg Executions 1946 – What Happened to the Bodies?

Ofensiva del Saar2.jpg

FRANCE INVADES GERMANY — 1914, 1923, 1939

1939: France Invaded Germany First!

Judea Declares War on Germany was the front-page headline of the March 24, 1933 edition of the British newspaper Daily Express.


World War II started in 1933!

Countries where denial of Holocaust is illegal.

The European Union’s Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia states that denying or grossly trivializing “crimes of genocide” should be made “punishable in all EU Member States“.


Image result for VikingLifeBlog

Holocaust Handbooks & Documentaries

The Holocaust: An Instrument of White Guilt


Fraud Exposed in Defamatory German Exhibition

The Rudolf Report

The Last Days of the “Holocaust”

Israel’s Yad Vashem Admits List of “Holocaust Victims” Isn’t “Accurate”

New York Crematories ‘Bottlenecked’ With COVID-19 Deaths — Yet 20,000 Were Cremated Daily At Auschwitz?

Piles Of Corpses At Dachau And Buchenwald Were Dead German Soldiers Staged There For Propaganda Purposes.

The Hoax that won’t die How the World Jewish Congress invented the Holocaust

Jews Hope Colorizing Auschwitz Film Footage Will Make ‘Holocaust’ More Believable To Young People

Jewish Writer: The “Holocaust” Never Happened and Jews Are Destroying White Societies

Hitler’s Approval Of POW ‘Slave Labor’ Proves He Personally Ordered Holocaust, Claims Jewish ‘Historian’.

Take the Jewish Holocaust Quiz!

An Echo Post

Read about WWII here

Forged Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
Besides the odd appearance of the woman, the straight edge along her right arm and the soldiers abnormally long left arm and large hand give away this obvious forgery
Original Nazi bare-breasted women hanging
The Original photograph is far less dramatic

Forged Nazi field execution
This forgery is blatantly obvious for several reasons: 1) the stock of the machine gun is completely missing between the left arm and left leg of the girl on the left. 2) the horizon and grassy areas where the solider was in the original is an exact clone of an area slightly to the left.
Original Nazi field execution
Look closely at the forgery and the original and compare the horizon and grassy areas above the rock

Forged Nazi hanging with geese
Another obvious forgery, the two men are not looking at each other because the angles were changed when they were moved apart (the man on the left appears to be looking behind the one on the right). Also the the images of the soldiers and the woman were taken at different times of the day and the contrast is different
Original Nazi hanging with geese
In the original it is clear the soldiers are looking directly at one another


Jew Inventions Myths

Black Inventions Myths


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