Top Jewish Scholar Admits Hitler Launched WWII To Stop ‘World Jewry’ From ‘Annihilating Germany’

According to nonagenerian Yehuda Bauer, one of the foremost jewish ‘Holocaust’ scholars, Adolf Hitler’s launching of World War II to prevent ‘world Jewry’ from ‘physically annihilating the German nation’ was an act of ‘anti-Semitism’


“In other words, it was ‘wrong’ for Hitler to defend Germany against ‘world Jewry’ and its Bolshevik takeover and destruction of the German nation.  Any opposition to Jewish Power is, by official definition, ‘antisemitism’.”

Read more here at Christians For Truth

Truth Fears No Investigation

An Echo Post

Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

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  2. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · March 30, 2020

    Self-Defense is hate, Unification & Solidarity is hate, Celebration of Ethnic Heritage is hate. of course when Zionists wage war its peacekeeping for the entire world.

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