Why are ten times as many Jews Covid-19 victims? Community leaders urge followers to ‘preserve life’ as figures reveal one in 20 Britons killed by coronavirus are from the religion

  • Board of Deputies tells Jews in UK to ‘stay home unless you absolutely cannot’
  • It has explained how pandemic presents a particular challenge to ‘communities
  •  25 coronavirus victims in Britain are Jewish from a total of 465 as of Wednesday
  • Sources say they are confident most Jews are abiding by Government guidance 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Read more here at Daily Mail

Thanks to Wayland Smith


  1. Seax · March 31, 2020

    Press F for my British cousins.

    Press X to doubt the eternal victimhood of the Jew in favour of an apparent divine conspiracy against them.

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