Is Sweden Ready to Die?

This is the sad state of “Nationalism” in Sverigestan.

It has long been a rumor that NRM’s leadership would welcome a Russian takeover of the Nordic countries. This seems more and more plausible.

Nordic Resistance Movement“, now in Russian.

1. Why not German and/or Dutch? Our Germanic brothers.

2. Russia has pretty much always been an enemy to the Nordic countries.

I could go on, but it’s to gay!

Official logo of the English Metapedia

“Metapedia promotes white nationalism in a pan-European sense, rather than individual ethno-cultural nationalisms by country. This has led to some previous disputes on Metapedia, for example “Upplysning” like Richard Spencer seems to be hostile to Brexit and has also criticized past editors for making anti-Slavic statements. Its a well known fact the Nazis didn’t like Slavs, but “Upplysning” argues this is Bolshevik propaganda. Further, “Upplysning” was troubled by Metapedia’s article on the British National Party that said the BNP oppose mass-immigration to UK from eastern-Europe such as Poland; he re-wrote the whole article, taking this out. And instead of discussing culture like “French” or “German”, Metapedia only promotes a “European people and culture” as well as a “white European race”.”

Source: RationalWiki

Marcus Follin, better known as The Golden One use Polish rap music in his videos and says Swedish “nationalist” have a good relationship with Polish immigrants [invaders].

Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.

Channel Image

Red Ice was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by Henrik Palmgren in 2003.

Henrik Palmgren is married to a Russian woman named Lana Lokteff. She has said, that she feel most comfortable around other Russians.  She was born in Oregon and live around white people in either Sweden or USA.

Henrik Palmgren never speak about the Eastern European invasion of White homelands.

One of Angry Foreigner‘s videos are called Poland Did Nothing Wrong. #PolskaSamorzadna

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

Which Countries Are the Biggest Boost or Drag on the EU Budget?

Understanding Poland and the Judeo-Slavic mindset

Muh based Putin

Why is the “Alt-Right” celebrating double standard and hypocrisy?

About NS-memes

Make Scandinavia Danish Again!

Make Scandinavia Danish Again! – Kalmar Union 2.0

The Kalmar Union




  1. Viking Life Blog · April 2, 2020

    I guess, that Norway didn’t get the memo.

    Three Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Norway have been convicted for “hate speech” for hanging up banners and a flag bearing the swastika.

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  2. Seax · April 2, 2020

    Ow. You’re slowly killing my political sympathy for Slovaks.

    You know it’s funny. I grew up with an inborn mistrust of Slavs in general. It took me longer to force myself to pretend to be enthusiastic about Slavic culture than it took to understand the ramifications of the (((Question.)))

    I was always pro Britishand pro Germananic and pro Scandinavian by instinct.

    I wish that the ethnic lines hadn’t been so thoroughly blurred in the US, so that we could still access our individual identities.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 2, 2020

      I get it, you have an ocean protecting you. And as you pointed out, Africans and Mexicans are a more visible problem.

      I grew up with positive views on North and West Europeans. And a understanding, that everybody else was primitive and corrupt.

      A lot of people have forgotten or are too young to know the Warsaw Pact Countries. East Germany was the only non-enemy today, in that part of the world.

      I made a post called ‘East Germans are not Eastern Europeans’ were I shared information showing that East Germany quickly became (like West Germany) the most economic succesful in its blog, even though they had to pay for war damage to Russia and lost its best coal and farm lands to Polackistan.

      It’s also interesting, that we don’t have an East German crime and invader problem as with most other former Warsaw Pact Countries. Classic Germanic vs non-Germanic:

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      • Seax · April 2, 2020

        To be fair, the ocean hasn’t felt safe since 9/11 and places turned into the mideast. Honestly, it’s the air that hurts us. Snakes on a plane.

        See, for us, Slavs are far away. Anybody who works in summer contracting knows they can be scum. But when you don’t deal with them, you forget.

        Like me, I read history and think: “ah! Ryurik, Viking chief, helped make Rossoya.”And thenI think Russians must be like the Swedes their royalty supposedly claim descent from. But then you meet them, or come to learn there are subraces and that the rest of the world is not like New England, a blend of Germanic, Gaulic and Celtic offspring.

        It’s a huge red pill. And it’s a mighty convenient and attractive thing to think the Slavs can be our asset as opposed to another mouth to feed. Until you read into it and realise it doesn’t work that way.

        I’ll check out your link! Thanks! I’m actually fascinated by East Germans and have had the pleasure of conversing with some who were delighted to meet someone speaking their language that didn’t hate them.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 2, 2020

      9/11 is of cause a big deal and more so in USA. When Muslims started to invade North and Western Europe, they were not as Islamic as they became later on. This might not have happen as much in USA where you also had Muslim blacks already.

      Good point, especially:
      “It’s a huge red pill. And it’s a mighty convenient and attractive thing to think the Slavs can be our asset as opposed to another mouth to feed. Until you read into it and realise it doesn’t work that way.”

      The final red pill!

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  3. germanicunity · April 2, 2020

    Reblogged this on Germanic Unity.


  4. Viking Life Blog · April 2, 2020

    Golden One: Thank you, Poland for invading White homelands and doing so much crime!


  5. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

    Viking, I need to interject here. While you’re correct on the whole regarding the central issue – there are errors or discrepancies I need to address.

    1. Nordfront: I cannot speak for them on the whole, if the Nordic Resistance is being co-opted by Russians then it is clearly isolated to just the Swedish branch, because the Nordic Resistance doesn’t operate as a singular organization each branch actually operates in their own regions independently, those of which I have interacted with absolutely HATE Russians & Slavs in general, I mean if they found one of their Nordic sisters had went with a Russian man – they would go after them (without elaborating into that). I have my own mixed reservations on the NRM which I won’t get into here, if you’re wondering it was the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance (🇩🇪🇳 🇳🇴🇷🇩🇮🇸🇰🇪 🇲🇴🇩🇸🇹🇦🇳🇩🇸🇧🇪🇻æ🇬🇪🇱🇸) which I have interacted with they have members in the Faroes.

    2. Metapedia: I was not really familiar with this lot until you mentioned them, however what I gather they remind me of the lot of Americans vouching for Pan-Europeanism type of W.N. i.e. the types that do not distinguish between a Dane or Sicilian because they, like most Americans are Ethnically disconnected confused White People, so I am not surprised or impressed by this particular lot.

    3. TGO – Marcus, as I’ve said on a comment in another post, he’s not a bad guy he is just naive, this defect comes with being an extrovert hence he feels he can make friends with everyone he meets and it will all be ok.

    4. Red Ice – Wikipedia says she is Russian – Lana has verbally stated on more than one occasion that she is 𝕾𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖓𝖎𝖆𝖓, her family fled the Bolshevik Partisan (Josef Tito Broz) purges of Austro-Slovenia & Croatia after WW2. Unless she lied about this detail she I am 110% sure she is not Ethnically Slavic at all but rather Austro-German – 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐎𝐅 𝐔𝐒, she is not our enemy her only glaring defects would be her inherent Americanized social mannerisms. I’ve said other things about Red-Ice as well in another comment yet I have faith in them even though as of late they’ve been aggravating me by letting (((Piero San Giorgio))) back on their broadcast, otherwise I am giving them a final waiver beyond this or else I cut my losses.

    Just so you know it makes sense Wikipedia would call her Russian because there is a Mainstream Pro-Slavic-Narrative claiming said regions that were once Germanic were always Slavic, that is very much executed by design.

    5. TIAF – I HATE THIS GUY – He is an attention whoring, sensationalist Kosovar-Turkoid subhuman, he’s nihilistic, vulgar & makes light of topics people should not be making light of whilst living as a parasite upon Sweden, he
    also a centrist faggot LARPING as a dissident for channel traffic and I absolutely abhor that.

    Other than the aforementioned, good post.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      1. Regarding Nordfront: I don’t have that much insight, but the post is aimed at Sweden in general.

      2. It is relative new to me, too. I was thinking Muh Europe-tard, too.

      3. I agree.

      4. I remember her talking about being Russian and how she liked Russia and prefered being around Russians.
      It made a strong impression on me, like ‘why are she living amongst White people then’.

      5. Oh yes.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

        If Lana has recently redacted her stance, or even lied about her background then that is discouraging & highly alarming, however, if you can provide a link if you have one it would be much appreciated.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      Maybe, if they have re-uploaded it on BitChute. It was one of those hour long shows, maybe with that South African guy.


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

        Do you remember the episode name? That I way I can confirm it for myself.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      It might be an episode with Arthur Kemp, I am not sure.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      He was on two times, I think. One of them was around July 16, 2016


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

        I’ve found one of them: Arthur Kemp interviewed on Radio3Fourteen May 18th 2016 uploaded to Arthur Kemp’s official channel, the only other one I’ve found is “Viability of an Ethno-State (ft. Arthur Kemp)” from uploader: “New Paradigm”.

        I’ll tell you if I find it, thanks.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020


      I have listen to about 25 minuts, I don’t think it is this one.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      I would guess, it is from 16, 17 or maybe 18 and I believe it was Lana plus guest.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      Their videos only go back to Jul 30, 2018 on BitChute


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

        Yes, I know, I searched for re-uploads specifically, in which case I only just now finished this one:

        No mention from Lana on being Russian, just Arthur Kemp praising the so called “Slavic Ethno-States” as exemplary models.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 6, 2020

      Regarding Danish Nordfront:

      I forgot, that I tranclated this:

      The Danish view on non-Germanic soldiers

      In the spring of 1943 there was a great reorganization and expansion of the Waffen-SS. Many Waffen-SS units were dismantled and many new ones were created. One of the abandoned units was the Free Corps Denmark, and many of the Northern and Western European volunteers were now officially inaugurated in the Waffen-SS as they were to be included in new units. The Danish, Norwegian and Dutch volunteers who had been in their three legions were now gathered in the so-called “III. Germanian Panzer Corps “. This corps was to contain 2 divisions: Division Wiking and a newly created division, Division Nordland.

      Division Nordland was to be constructed in such a way that the Regiment Nordland, which until then had been part of Division Wiking, should be the backbone of the division, while the Norwegians were transferred to 23. SS Panzer Grenader Regiment Norway and the Danes were transferred to 24. SS Panzer Grenader Regiment Denmark. The Danish regiment was colloquially “Regiment Denmark”.

      The primary reason for the dissolved of the small legions and Free Corps Denmark was that the SS was tired of all the political complications surrounding the units and that the NS parties of the home countries tried to keep them under their influence. To fill the ranks, German officers were picked up from 1. SS Brigade and new Danish recruits from the SS Academy in Sennheim, and soldiers from the abandoned Free Corps Denmark’s Ersatzbataljon (reserve), which was currently residing in Mogilev, Belarus.

      But all this was not enough to fill the ranks of III. Germanian Panzer Corps, nor Regiment Denmark, so 13,000 Romanians were picked up with “German descent”. And so the dream of a pure German/Germanic corps went slightly into disintegration. And it made the Danish volunteers outraged.

      In a letter said a volunteer;

      “These more or less folketyske ’Germanere’ [folk-German Germanic], who come from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine etc., should then be compared to purebred Danes of Nordic-Germanic blood”.

      In another letter, a volunteer says:

      “In some companies it has already been forbidden to speak Danish in the living rooms. Another place has a German Officer allowed himself to call the Danes for Poles. A greater insult to honour cannot be imagined. ”

      The Danes also called these Romanians “Swamp Germans”. The dissatisfaction did not reach common opposition to the SS management decision, but some deserted and some obtained repatriation.

      Source: Nord Front:

      I don’t remember which book it comes from, but I know that I have read it before.

      About Pan-European Nationalism and Waffen SS Worshiping:


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 6, 2020

        it is uncanny you’re mentioning this now, I literally just finished a conversation with Natassja regarding indecisiveness of The Waffen SS kommandgruppe regarding inclusion of certain Slavic groups into the SS Legions which included induction into the Lebensborn breeding program solely for the Blonde Hair & Blue Eye stipulation and not other merits – namely shared cohesive heritage.

        I said to her: “Can you imagine the long run destructive effect of such a mandate?”

        She replied: “In the long run it would have been very dangerous because you don’t know how many of these Blonde & Blue eyed Slavs might have Ashkenazi Jew in them”.

        I pointed out this was mainly Heinrich Himmler’s defect coming into play, there would have been no way sequence genes as of yet in the 1940s, and this favoritism for certain Slavs over Germanic stock was highly alarming.

        The Waffen SS late into the war made many mistakes, there is no looking past that.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 6, 2020

      Good point(s) and I agree.

      They also adopted children with Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes, I don’t remember how many.

      EUGENICS: ‘Lebensborn’, Children of Shame – Norway’s Dark Secret:

      Norway apologises to its World War Two ‘German girls’:


  6. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 3, 2020

    Oh WTF WP formatted a bunch of flags where I had inserted unicode for “Den nordiske modstandsbevægels” that is annoying.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 3, 2020

      Yeah, I was thinking about that.


      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 4, 2020

        Viking, you know what it really makes we wonder who is responsible for letting Piero on Redice, because it’s probably not Henrik, Lana is very American after all she may as well would have lied to convey a narrative for the sake of “Alternative Journalism” and that is despicable, also she interviewed Emily Rose Youcis three times and that person is also an Amerio-Slav because a backwater water trash mentality atop of being of Slavic extraction.

        If I ever confirmed it was Lana responsible for giving Piero a platform I will immediately blacklist her because she’s not someone worth defending in that light.

        Also, I did not mean to saturate this thread with this tangent so I apologize for that as well. We of Germanic mindset need vigilant after all.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 5, 2020

      Comment as much as you like.

      I don’t know about the inner works of Red Ice, but yeah.

      I search Piero San Giorgio on Bitchute:



      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 5, 2020

        Danke, Viking. Yes, I know quite a bit about Piero already, as for the lot of them, they’re hanging on strings – if Red Ice, brings Piero, Emily, or Jesus Hotep one more time they’ll lose my respect entirely as a legitimate presence on the dissident-right, same for goes for Marcus.

        As for the video with Piero & TGO, Marcus didn’t affirm anything regarding Zionism himself but he is definitely at fault for for not cutting the interview off then & there.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 5, 2020

      Yeah, the hole thing seems shady or rotten.

      Red Ice most have known about Piero before their last video (Mar 13, 2020 – the two videos I linked to are from 19 and 20 February and must have been uploaded by the original owners some time before that) and difinitely L.C./V.V. knows about it.


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