Meet ‘Weev’: The Fake ‘Neo-Nazi’ Jew Behind The Antisemitic ‘Zoombombing’ Of Jewish Webinars

Andrew ‘Weev’ Auernheimer, whose mother told Newsweek he has Jewish relatives on both sides of his family, is nevertheless the webmaster for The Daily Stormer.

Read more here at Christians For Truth

Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer (/ˈɔːrənhmər/ OR-ən-hy-mər; born September 1, 1985), best known by his pseudonym weev, is an American computer hacker affiliated with the alt-right.

About Weev on Occidental Dissent

About Mike Enoch, Andrew Anglin, Ricky Vaughn and Weev

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  1. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 7, 2020

    Also, pictured on the left: Weev, pictured on the right: Emily Youcis.

    Emily claims to be of Lithuanian & Polish Extraction, looking into the last name “Youcis” I have learned it is not a Slavic surname at all but rather a last name of 100% American creation, which makes me wonder what her original last name was? As well being of Slavic extraction only just solidifies my stance on her, if wasn’t bad enough being “American White-trash” who acts like a female version of Mike Enoch (Peinovich), she also has her wonderful portfolio of past directed of degenerate snuff cartoons, let alone her much older “GG Alin” inspired Punk rock band.

    Turns out Redice invited her a great many times to their show, including a Halloween special, Lana seems especially chummy with her, hence I no longer want to support that confusion, enough is enough (I’ve deleted my link to Redice’s main page).

    At this point everything is rotten with them. Weev, Anglin, Enoch, Spencer, Youcis, Lana – I am sick of the lot of them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · April 7, 2020

      I know the feeling. The hole Alt-Right thing, have fallen apart.
      Great picture. It’s funny how many of these people seems to get along.

      Liked by 1 person

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