Muh Europetards – a case study

“Waffen SS – Defenders of Europe”

Here we see a rewrite of history to fit an agenda, quote someone no one have ever heard of and avoid certain facts.

I believe, that Renegade Tribune normally have a higher standard.

It starts with this Quote:

“He (Himmler)… singled out those nations which he regarded as belonging to the German family of nations… they were the Germans, the Dutch, the Flemish, the Anglo-Saxons, the Scandinavians, and the Baltic people. [Himmler said] ‘To combine all of these nations into one big family is the most important task at the present time.  This unification has to take place on the principle of equality and at the same time has to secure the identity of each nation, and its economic independence, of course, adjusting the latter to the interests of the whole German living space. After the unification of all the German nations into one family, this family… has to take over the mission to include, in the family, all Roman nations whose living space is favored by nature with milder climate… I am convinced that after the unification, the Roman nations will be able to persevere as the Germans… This enlarged family of the White race will then have the mission to include the Slavic nations into the family also, because they too are of the White race… It is only with such a unification of the White race that the Western culture could be saved from the Yellow race… At the present time, the Waffen SS comprises not only German, Roman, and Slavic, but even Islamic units, and at the same time has proven that every unit has maintained its national identity while fighting in close togetherness.’” -Arturs Silgailis, Latvian Waffen SS”

“Latvian Waffen SS” and “mission to include the Slavic nations”

From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

After Germany invaded the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, recruits from FranceSpainBelgium (including Walloons), the territory of occupied CzechoslovakiaHungary and the Balkans were signed on. By February 1942, Waffen-SS recruitment in south-east Europe turned into compulsory conscription for all German minorities of military age. From 1942 onwards, further units of non-Germanic recruits were formed. Legions were formed of men from EstoniaLatvia as well as men from BosniaHerzegovinaCroatiaGeorgiaUkraineRussia and Cossacks. However, by 1943 the Waffen-SS could not longer claim overall to be an “elite” fighting force. Recruitment and conscription based on “numerical over qualitative expansion” took place, with many of the “foreign” units being good for only rear-guard duty. In addition by 1944, the German military began conscripting Estonians and Latvians in an effort to replenish their losses. The foreigners who served in the Waffen-SS numbered “some 500,000”, including those who were pressured into service or conscripted. A lower estimate for foreigners in the entire German armed forces (both Wehrmacht and Waffen SS) is 350,000. Both numbers include large numbers of ethnic Germans from outside Germany.

A system of nomenclature developed to formally distinguish personnel based on their place of origin. Germanic units would have the “SS” prefix, while non-Germanic units were designated with the “Waffen” prefix to their names. The formations with volunteers of Germanic background were officially named Freiwilligen (volunteer) (Scandinavians, Dutch, and Flemish), including ethnic Germans born outside the Reich known as Volksdeutsche, and their members were from satellite countries. These were organized into independent legions and had the designation Waffen attached to their names for formal identification. In addition, the German SS Division Wiking included recruits from DenmarkNorwayFinlandSweden, and Estonia throughout its history. The number of SS recruits from Sweden and Switzerland was only several hundred men. Despite manpower shortages, the Waffen-SS was still based on the racist ideology of “Nazism”, thereby ethnic Poles were specifically barred from the formations due to them being looked upon as “subhumans”, despite other Slavic groups being allowed service such as Ukrainians and Byelorussians in the 39. and 40. Waffen Grenadier regiments, also supposedly considered “subhuman”.

Waffen-SS foreign volunteers and conscripts

From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.

The Latvian Legion was created in January 1943 on the orders of Adolf Hitler following a request by Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS. The initial core of the force was populated by Latvian Police Battalions, which were formed starting in 1941 earlier for security duties. Also, some who had previously served in the notorious Arajs Kommando commando unit, responsible for atrocities committed against Jews, Roma, and civilians along Latvia’s border with the Soviet Union were transferred to the Latvian Legion.

One month after the unit was founded, German occupation authorities in Latvia started conscripting military age men. Draftees were given a choice between serving in the Waffen-SS Legions, serving as German Wehrmacht auxiliaries, or being sent to a slave labour camp in Germany. Those who tried to avoid one of those options were arrested and sent to concentration camps. As a result, only 15-20% of the men serving in the legion were actual volunteers. Unlike in Lithuania, potential legionary recruits in Latvia did not organize an official boycott of conscription; some Latvians deserted however rather than serving the “Nazi” war effort. 

With “Nazi” Germany losing the war, conscription was extended to larger and larger numbers of Latvians. The first conscription, in 1943, applied to all Latvian men born from 1919 to 1924. The subsequent conscriptions extended to Latvians born between 1906 and 1928. The division commanders and most of the staff were German SS officers. The individual combat regiments were typically commanded by Latvian officers.

Motivation of Latvian Legionnaires

Conscription order

Oberführer Adolf Ax, commander of the 15th Division, reported on 27 January 1945: “They are first and foremost Latvians. They want a sustainable Latvian nation state. Forced to choose between Germany and Russia, they have chosen Germany, because they seek co-operation with western civilization. The rule of the Germans seems to them to be the lesser of two evils.” This perspective resulted in part from the Soviet occupation between 1940 and 1941, called “The Year of Terror” (LatvianBaigais gads) during which tens of thousands of Latvian families were executed or deported to Siberia with men separated from the women and children to break down resistance.

Legion command emphasized that the Latvians were fighting against Soviet re-occupation. Conscripts promised in the name of God to be subservient to the German military and its commander Adolf Hitler, to be courageous and to be prepared to give up their life “in the fight against Bolshevism”. Legionnaires hoped to fight off the Red Army until it was no longer a threat to Latvia and then turn against “Nazi” Germany, as a repeat of the Latvian War of Independence of 1918-1920, when Latvian forces expelled both Bolshevik and German forces. Legionnaires carried Latvian flags under their uniforms as a symbol of that hope. This sentiment was also reflected in one of the most popular Legion songs that went: “We’ll beat those lice-infested ones – again, again. After that we’ll trounce those blue-grays – again, again” (with euphemisms for Bolsheviks and Germans). The Allies confirmed this as early as 1943, when a British investigative mission found Latvians stood against both their Soviet and German occupiers.

Latvians, as did the Estonians and to lesser degree Lithuanians, believed that the Western powers, especially Britain, would come to their aid as they had in 1918-1920. These hopes were bolstered by Allied communications received in November 1944 in which British command instructed them to hold Courland until a joint British-American fleet entered the Baltic. In fact, Churchill and Roosevelt had already privately consigned the Baltics to Stalin.

Known Holocaust collaborator police battalion units such as Arājs Kommando were joined to the Legion late in the war as conditions deteriorated on the Eastern Front. That circumstance has been used to accuse the entire Legion of anti-Semitism, “Nazi” sympathies, and Holocaust war crimes—and modern Latvians commemorating the Latvian Legion of glorifying “Nazis”.


It doesn’t sound pro-Germanic, pro-European or herotic to me!

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I would like to known where this quote comes from:

“”To prevent division within his country, Hitler had previously sought to avoid the ranking of Germanic peoples according to their European racial value & ethnic heritage when combating the party’s (Nordic) race theorists.  Thus, the notion by some party members of ranking European peoples according to their value, racial or ethnic heritage, similarly threatened to create divisions within continental Europe.  Hitler was against such practices; he needed a unified Europe, based on good will and equal status for all countries.””

“Waffen SS” and “foreign help”

“”The German army suffered a catastrophic defeat at the six-month battle of Stalingrad, which ended in February 1943.  This forced many Germans to the conclusion that without active foreign help, the war would be lost, which required a fundamentally new approach to the Reich’s administration in Europe.  To implement such a revision, resisted by the highest state leadership, advocates of “foreign help” needed a vehicle, an organized bloc, which they found in the Waffen SS.””

Did they read Mein Kampf?

It is naive & misleading to characterize Hitler as “anti-Slavic” because of statements he made at the beginning of his political career, or based on the incomplete, and sometimes unreliable, notes made of his informal conversations (Table Talks).  The policies towards the Slavic peoples which he enacted after 1933, and especially during WW2, show that he was willing to work with those Slavs who were friendly towards Germany, and to treat them with the same respect he accorded other Aryans (Whites).”

“A feeling of discontent grew upon me and made me depressed the more I came to realize the inside hollowness of this State and the impossibility of saving it from collapse. At the same time I felt perfectly certain that it would bring all kinds of misfortune to the German people.

I was convinced that the Habsburg State would balk and hinder every German who might show signs of real greatness, while at the same time it would aid and abet every non-German activity.

This conglomerate spectacle of heterogeneous races which the capital of the Dual Monarchy presented, this motley of Czechs, Poles, Hungarians, Ruthenians, Serbs and Croats, etc., and always that bacillus which is the solvent of human society, the Jew, here and there and everywhere–the whole spectacle was repugnant to me. The gigantic city seemed to be the incarnation of mongrel depravity.”

Page 109 in Mein Kampf

“Once the influence of the Germans in Austria had been wiped out, what then would be the value of the alliance? If the Triple Alliance were to be advantageous to Germany, was it not a necessary condition that the predominance of the German element in Austria should be maintained? Or did anyone really believe that Germany could continue to be the ally of a Habsburg Empire under the hegemony of the Slavs?”

Page 114 in Mein Kampf

“When the Russo-Japanese War came I was older and better able to judge for myself. For national reasons I then took the side of the Japanese in our discussions. I looked upon the defeat of the Russians as a blow to Austrian Slavism.”

Page 138 in Mein Kampf

“When the news came to Munich that the Archduke Franz Ferdinand had been murdered, I had been at home all day and did not get the particulars of how it happened. At first I feared that the shots may have been fired by some GermanAustrian students who had been aroused to a state of furious indignation by the persistent pro-Slav activities of the Heir to the Habsburg Throne and therefore wished to liberate the German population from this internal enemy. It was quite easy to imagine what the result of such a mistake would have been. It would have brought on a new wave of persecution, the motives of which would have been ‘justified’ before the whole world. But soon afterwards I heard the names of the presumed assassins and also that they were known to be Serbs. I felt somewhat dumbfounded in face of the inexorable vengeance which Destiny had wrought. The greatest friend of the Slavs had fallen a victim to the bullets of Slav patriots.”

Page 139 in Mein Kampf

“THE INSTITUTION that is now erroneously called the State generally classifies people only into two groups: citizens and aliens. Citizens are all those who possess full civic rights, either by reason of their birth or by an act of naturalization. Aliens are those who enjoy the same rights in some other State. Between these two categories there are certain beings who resemble a sort of meteoric phenomena. They are people who have no citizenship in any State and consequently no civic rights anywhere.

In most cases nowadays a person acquires civic rights by being born within the frontiers of a State. The race or nationality to which he may belong plays no role whatsoever. The child of a Negro who once lived in one of the German protectorates and now takes up his residence in Germany automatically becomes a ‘German Citizen’ in the eyes of the world. In the same way the child of any Jew, Pole, African or Asian may automatically become a German Citizen.

Besides naturalization that is acquired through the fact of having been born within the confines of a State there exists another kind of naturalization which can be acquired later. This process is subject to various preliminary requirements. For example one condition is that, if possible, the applicant must not be a burglar or a common street thug. It is required of him that his political attitude is not such as to give cause for uneasiness; in other words he must be a harmless simpleton in politics. It is required that he shall not be a burden to the State of which he wishes to become a citizen. In this realistic epoch of ours this last condition naturally only means that he must not be a financial burden. If the affairs of the candidate are such that it appears likely he will turn out to be a good taxpayer, that is a very important consideration and will help him to obtain civic rights all the more rapidly.

The question of race plays no part at all.

The whole process of acquiring civic rights is not very different from that of being admitted to membership of an automobile club, for instance. A person files his application. It is examined. It is sanctioned. And one day the man receives a card which informs him that he has become a citizen. The information is given in an amusing way.
An applicant who has hitherto been a Zulu or Kaffir is told: “By these presents you are now become a German Citizen.”

The President of the State can perform this piece of magic. What God Himself could not do is achieved by some Theophrastus Paracelsus (Note 16) of a civil servant through a mere twirl of the hand. Nothing but a stroke of the pen, and a Mongolian slave is forthwith turned into a real German. Not only is no question asked regarding the race to which the new citizen belongs; even the matter of his physical health is not inquired into. His flesh may be corrupted with syphilis; but he will still be welcome in the State as it exists to-day so long as he may not become a financial burden or a political danger.

In this way, year after year, those organisms which we call States take up poisonous matter which they can hardly ever overcome.

Another point of distinction between a citizen and an alien is that the former is admitted to all public offices, that he may possibly have to do military service and that in return he is permitted to take a passive or active part at public elections. Those are his chief privileges. For in regard to personal rights and personal liberty the alien enjoys the same amount of protection as the citizen, and frequently even more. Anyhow that is how it happens in our present German Republic.

I realize fully that nobody likes to hear these things. But it would be difficult to find anything more illogical or more insane than our contemporary laws in regard to State citizenship.

At present there exists one State which manifests at least some modest attempts that show a better appreciation of how things ought to be done in this matter. It is not, however, in our model German Republic but in the U.S.A. that efforts are made to conform at least partly to the counsels of commonsense. By refusing immigrants to enter there if they are in a bad state of health, and by excluding certain races from the right to become naturalized as citizens, they have begun to introduce principles similar to those on which we wish to ground the People’s State.

The People’s State will classify its population in three groups: Citizens, subjects of the State, and aliens.”

Page 360 in Mein Kampf

“We National Socialists have to go still further. The right to territory may become a duty when a great nation seems destined to go under unless its territory be extended. And that is particularly true when the nation in question is not some little group of negro people but the Germanic mother of all the life which has given cultural shape to the modern world. Germany will either become a World Power or will not continue to exist at all. But in order to become a World Power it needs that territorial magnitude which gives it the necessary importance to-day and assures the existence of its citizens.

Therefore we National Socialists have purposely drawn a line through the line of conduct followed by pre-War Germany in foreign policy. We put an end to the perpetual Germanic march towards the South and West of Europe and turn our eyes towards the lands of the East. We finally put a stop to the colonial and trade policy of pre-War times and pass over to the territorial policy of the future.

But when we speak of new territory in Europe to-day we must principally think of Russia and the border States subject to her.

Destiny itself seems to wish to point out the way for us here. In delivering Russia over to Bolshevism, Fate robbed the Russian people of that intellectual class which had once created the Russian State and were the guarantee of its existence. For the Russian State was not organized by the constructive political talent of the Slav element in Russia, but was much more a marvellous exemplification of the capacity for State-building possessed by the Germanic element in a race of inferior worth. Thus were many powerful Empires created all over the earth. More often than once inferior races with Germanic organizers and rulers as their leaders became formidable States and continued to exist as long as the racial nucleus remained which had originally created each respective State. For centuries Russia owed the source of its livelihood as a State to the Germanic nucleus of its governing class. But this nucleus is now almost wholly broken up and abolished. The Jew has taken its place. Just as it is impossible for the Russian to shake off the Jewish yoke by exerting his own powers, so, too, it is impossible for the Jew to keep this formidable State in existence for any long period of time. He himself is by no means an organizing element, but rather a ferment of decomposition. This colossal Empire in the East is ripe for dissolution. And the end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a State. We are chosen by Destiny to be the witnesses of a catastrophe which will afford the strongest confirmation of the nationalist theory of race.”

Page 533 in Mein Kampf

About National Socialism, Pan-European Nationalism, Waffen SS and Hitler Worshiping

I think, that Mein Kampf was down played for unwanted readers or made softer to please potential supporters. This claim is supported by the fact that Mein Kampf was cut short in certain languages and the actions of Hitler and Germany. Germany clearly treated Germanic countries and people better than non-Germanic countries and people.

“In 1938, Adolf Hitler authorized Fayard, a leading French publishing house, to print a French translation of Mein Kampf.

When the first translation into English was published in the United States by Houghton Mifflin in 1933, it softened Hitler’s rhetoric and visions of expansion. Similarly, Hitler ensured that the French version was also significantly edited. The numerous anti-French passages that the original edition contained were toned down or cut altogether.”


According to Leon Degrelle of the Belgium-Waffen SS, “We fought neither for Germany nor for Hitler, but for a much greater idea; the creation of a united states of Europe.  We were all unified by the same will; honorably represent our nation among the 30 that came to fight.  Do our duty, since we fought for Europe.  Gain an honorable place for our fatherland in the continental community that would evolve from the war, and finally, create combat units whose value guaranteed achieving social justice, when we ultimately returned home after the end of hostilities.””

As far as I understand Léon Joseph Marie Ignace Degrelle was not Germanic, so why would he be fighting for a Germanic dominated Europe as most Germanic SS men properly did.

Tintin & Léon Degrelle

Often messages are down played for unwanted readers or made softer to please potential supporters. These softened messages can then be misused by Muh Europetards as “proof” to support Muh Europetards viewpoints.

The Danish view on non-Germanic soldiers

In the spring of 1943 there was a great reorganization and expansion of the Waffen-SS. Many Waffen-SS units were dismantled and many new ones were created. One of the abandoned units was the Free Corps Denmark, and many of the Northern and Western European volunteers were now officially inaugurated in the Waffen-SS as they were to be included in new units. The Danish, Norwegian and Dutch volunteers who had been in their three legions were now gathered in the so-called “III. Germanian Panzer Corps “. This corps was to contain 2 divisions: Division Wiking and a newly created division, Division Nordland.

Division Nordland was to be constructed in such a way that the Regiment Nordland, which until then had been part of Division Wiking, should be the backbone of the division, while the Norwegians were transferred to 23. SS Panzer Grenader Regiment Norway and the Danes were transferred to 24. SS Panzer Grenader Regiment Denmark. The Danish regiment was colloquially “Regiment Denmark”.

The primary reason for the dissolved of the small legions and Free Corps Denmark was that the SS was tired of all the political complications surrounding the units and that the NS parties of the home countries tried to keep them under their influence. To fill the ranks, German officers were picked up from 1. SS Brigade and new Danish recruits from the SS Academy in Sennheim, and soldiers from the abandoned Free Corps Denmark’s Ersatzbataljon (reserve), which was currently residing in Mogilev, Belarus.

But all this was not enough to fill the ranks of III. Germanian Panzer Corps, nor Regiment Denmark, so 13,000 Romanians were picked up with “German descent”. And so the dream of a pure German/Germanic corps went slightly into disintegration. And it made the Danish volunteers outraged.

In a letter said a volunteer;

“These more or less folketyske ’Germanere’ [folk-German Germanic], who come from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine etc., should then be compared to purebred Danes of Nordic-Germanic blood”.

In another letter, a volunteer says:

“In some companies it has already been forbidden to speak Danish in the living rooms. Another place has a German Officer allowed himself to call the Danes for Poles. A greater insult to honour cannot be imagined. ”

The Danes also called these Romanians “Swamp Germans”. The dissatisfaction did not reach common opposition to the SS management decision, but some deserted and some obtained repatriation.

Source: Nord Front

About National Socialism, Pan-European Nationalism, Waffen SS and Hitler Worshiping

About Pan-European Nationalism and Waffen SS Worshiping

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Generalplan Ost


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  1. Viking Life Blog · April 6, 2020

    Note: There is a phenomenon in war that civilians never seem to grasp, in which the precise degree of ruthlessness a unit fights with is primarily determined not by its officers’ character, but by the ruthlessness adopted by their enemy. Jewish-Marxist partisans, hiding & disguised amongst civilians in WW2, some dressed up as SS and attacking their own people to blame on the Germans, were renowned for indulging in the worst atrocities; thus, anti-partisan warfare unfortunately did not lag far behind. War is hell!

    When partisans are about & attacking it is scarcely the time to conduct criminal background checks, psych evaluations and code of conduct courses. In cases where civilians are killed by a military unit, we have seen how the Jewish-controlled media never misses the chance to sensationalize the event, and the unit is branded as inhuman butchers. What is never seen in such accounts, however, is any attempt to discover why it happened. In fact, the truth of many of the civilian massacres is perfectly straightforward and exactly what one might guess; the civilians attempted to fight against, or thwart the unit in question. This is exactly what the Jewish-Marxist partisans did in WW2.

    Case in point; France 1944! We have all seen history documentaries boasting of the heroic actions of the French Resistance engaging in sabotage, sniping, assassinations, espionage and reconnaissance. The Geneva Convention specifically recognized such fighters as illegal combatants, deserving of nothing like the treatment due uniformed soldiers. When such these Jewish-Marxist partisans were killed, they would “appear to have been civilians”.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Viking Life Blog · April 6, 2020

    Note: Initially, on the Eastern Front, the Waffen SS, at a ratio of 7 to 1, could battle the Red Army with ease, however, they were eventually outnumbered 12 to 1, yet still fought valiantly to the very end.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 7, 2020

    The Waffen SS were the Defenders of Europe however, as a caveat to this there is no denying that the Waffen SS administration became corrupted with power later into the war and harbored certain views which would have been destructive to Germanic cohesion on the whole had they been able to exercise such to fruition.

    Btw, there was a running joke inside the NSDAP about Heinrich Himmler at the time,nothing inflammatory so much as a jab at some of his views which other officials thought were senseless.

    Heinrich Himmler enters the room, stammers about the inclusion of Latvian Ethnic population into the German Lebensraum, everyone goes silent, some look out the window, some at the floor, other’s at the chandelier.

    Himmler wrinkles his upper lip and demands to know why everyone is silent.

    Reinhard Heydrich enters the room.

    Everyone stands to greet Heydrich and follow to address Himmler directly, yes, yes we shall see.. to deflect from his proposal.

    Himmler demands to know why everyone ignored him until Heydrich entered the room.

    To which everyone replies: “Your brain entered the room”.

    This was never ever expressed to Heinrich Himmler directly but it was very much so “felt” & shared as a sentiment among key members of the NSDAP, especially late into the war.

    Also, Himmler was very much not an idiot, I do not intend to spread ill about him but it was a matter of fact that he made some very poor choices regarding the Waffen Legions late into the war, sometimes I think he was just a pragmatist trying to turn the war effort to be advantageous for the Fatherland (Material Man-power shortages).

    On the other hand I wonder sometimes what the hell he was thinking!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viking Life Blog · April 7, 2020

      I did not know that. I think, as the war went on they got more pragmatic and maybe delusional.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 7, 2020

        War-time strategic practicality, transitioned into shallow pragmatism & delusion.

        Certain individuals can be skewed into intellectual dishonesty, this is not exclusive to German people but tends to work across the board with all dominant & highly intelligent ideologues who are in turned consumed by power & placed amidst stress that would crack most men.

        I cannot judge them for whatever circumstances shaped their decision-making or perhaps warped shifts in perspective however, I can in retrospect speculate that they began lying to themselves in order to appease the interests of various foreign Waffen legions. (Inter-ethnic sociopolitical dynamics).

        Perhaps even a lot of false promises were made, pretense has a habit of biting you in the ass in the end.

        It’s the age old lesson, you cannot make everyone happy so it’s best just to secure the well being of your own folk 1st. Clearly some lost sight of the original mission midst the nightmare of war.


    • Viking Life Blog · April 7, 2020

      I believe so, too. Winning the war became more important than ideology.

      Liked by 1 person

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