1. Seax · April 11, 2020

    One of the best feeling insults I ever weathered was the time Varg called me an idiot when I still wrote for the Renegade Tribune.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 11, 2020

      Truly a badge of honor. Did Varg also had beef with Renegade Tribune?

      You have referred to your time with Renegade Tribune a few times, why did you leave? It is pretty big (compared to us on WP, at least), I imagine.

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      • Seax · April 11, 2020

        Long and short is around 2014-15 I got married and went offline.

        The thing that got me back online was the group that went on to become our Männerbund in 2017-18.

        So at this point, it’s easier for me to devote my energy to the Bund. The other reason is, is that while I’m Pro-Pagan, unless it’s changed, Renegade was anti-christian and that would put a strain between me and Xtian brothers.

        Varg’s had a beef with everyone. Renegade was pretty Anti-christian, but they weren’t Anti-christian enough. That’s what did it, some of us would work with Christians. That made us shills. To him, I mean.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 11, 2020

      Good point. I try to avoid religion, too. There are already plenty of things to disagree about and we have plenty of work educating people on ZOG, Eastern Europe Is Our Mexico, Make Scandinavia Danish Again, etc..

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      • Seax · April 12, 2020

        Yeah. I would too, if I didn’t find it so goddamned interesting.

        Insert Russian joke here.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 12, 2020

      Maybe, that’s my strenght. I don’t really find religion (or politics) that interesting.
      I am just an anti-cultural marxism, pro-Germanic Danish nationalist, very simple and straightforward.

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  2. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 11, 2020

    Not to detract from the video but L.C./V.V.’s beef with Renegade I feel was actually well grounded unlike most of the noise that flies out of his big mouth these days, The Renegade Tribune/Renegade Broadcasting whilst collectively on the whole cannot be faulted due to views of certain contributors, they are at fault for permitting said individuals to perpetuate misinformation, i.e. Hitler was a vegan, The Earth is Flat, Neanderthals were Jewish ancestors, to name just a few examples of dangerous erroneous narratives, they’re also predominantly American.. what authority do they have to speak about Europe or the Fatherland many of them cannot even pronounce German properly, not to sound elitist but I cringe every time I hear a “Pennsylvania Dutch” try to convince a German that they’re a valid breakaway culture.

    Whilst my written German is not great, my spoken German is much better considering I’ve actually lived in Hamburg in my youth, I have family in the Fatherland and my experience growing up as a German in America onward was not grand or reminiscent of warm nostalgia, Americans on the whole wanted nothing to do with Germany or Europe for that matter in the 1990s in fact if you were from Germany or anywhere in Europe outside of America you were subject to ridicule, always being reminded how Americans won the good war and killed so many Germans, then all of a sudden I hit my 30s and every White American who doesn’t like how the world is going suddenly wants to cozy up to German People & their Native European Heritage?

    I resent the fact that I have to even utter American and my name in the same sentence, alas financial & legal practicality & idealism do not coincide, especially not now. I am almost banking on the prospect that the sociopolitical dynamic shifts to disfavor the U.S. circumstance entirely this way I can go and spend the remainder of my days with Natassja in the Hudson bay wilderness NW of Québec.

    Americans who have been a part of the U.S. for no more than three generations can pay homage, they can be respectful but I am increasingly wary of said platform on the whole as their target audience is German. Renegade produced Hellstorm in collaboration with Thomas Goodrich which I thought was excellent, yet they also did not take a grain of salt regarding Gerald Fredrick Töben’s lunacy on Labor camps being akin to country club spas which is also very dangerous & insulting misinformation which is not too far off from Zionist propaganda to me.

    When I fell out with L.C./V.V. a great slew of his brain dead minions accused me of being a flat-earther just to spite me despite the fact that I wrote an extensive article regarding flat-earth nonsense & the beauty of pagan allegory in 2016 when I fully supported his cause of Ôðalism, they take greater offense to my falling out because some of them called me their “brother” & fellow Ôðalist. Hence why some consider my vehicle “S.Z.H. Odal” a bad word, for my dissent against their icon I am a shill & traitor. However, what I dislike more is being marginalized with the rest of the loonies.

    MW makes a valid point but he has “baggage”, I shall not get into here, men in glass houses should not throw stones.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 12, 2020

      I agree, they seem out of balance with some of their work. As I also pointed out with my ‘Muh Europetards’ post.
      I have never really spent any time following their work, only a link here and there. Mostly because of their womens crazy behavior doing their feud with Angelo John Gage. It just pushed me away.
      “Hitler was a vegan, The Earth is Flat, Neanderthals were Jewish ancestors” are good examples, too.

      Regarding MW and his “baggage”. Yes, but even msm can tell the truth once in awhile. MW seems to have his heart in the right place and rarely say something stupid or anti-white.
      I still support the idea of “men in glass houses should not throw stones.”

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