The Sperg Box

And who shall speak of the Shamans of the North? Who shall sing the runes of the shamans from the fens? Who knows the Finns as they were, a race of soothsayers regarded as otherworldly by their Nordic cousins? Before Väinämöinen left for the stars in his copper boat, he warned his people that with the coming of the Great Birth the age of magick would surely die. We shall tell a tale that once was told. A tale of blood before kulturkampf and iron before war.

We know the great sage Väinämöinen travelled the world on his sled. We know he sang songs of creation for all those with ears to hear. We know he visits the homes of the quizzical and puts stories in their hearts. Where the line between man and god was blurred, there he was, the Great Sage, visiting knowledge upon the homes of the…

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