Developing the “Ice-Cube Tray” Mentality

The Tactical Hermit


Technology can be likened to a fantastic drug.

When you have it and are USING it, you feel awesome and alive. It helps you through your day. It entertains you. It helps you organize and be more efficient. It connects you to the things you care about. In short, it helps you cope with the world around you. But like any drug, if you take it often enough and long enough, you become addicted, and it is no longer a WANT, it is a NEED. For most people. being addicted to technology is not something they really think about. Like most addicts, each day blurs into the rest so long as technology is there to help them through it.

Where trouble comes into paradise is when these same people transfer this “tech addict” mentality into the prepping world. I think you know what I am talking about, but let me…

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  1. vhallkrimvost · April 16, 2020

    Conveniance, comfort, and distractions from technology, abundance, and lack of hardship manufactures docile slaves. The urban world of cities may have most things in walking distance yet the city stands on a flimsy foundation with most of its food and other things imported to keep it afloat.

    Celebrations be it a birthday or holiday are most beautiful/ worthwhile if they are a rarity. If everyday was a celebration then there would be little time or ability to appreciate the joys within struggling times. If everyday was a celebration then struggles would seem harder and happier days would seem bland/mediocre.


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