We are all in this together!

We give ( ) a lot of gas, but I often think that , and might be even more cucked (just look at how their governments suppress their people, because of the CCP-Coronavirus). Must influence comes from (((USA))) not Sweden and Sweden don’t really fight wars.

[I don’t want to offend my readers (who are mostly from USA), but someone have to tell (what looks like) the truth.]

Denmark have been fighting a lot more ZOG wars than most other countries in the last 20 years and was even known for the highest loss per capita within the coalition forces in Afghanistan making USA and UK appear very feminin. Denmark retained the highest level of support for the war among all the contributing nations.



We (Whites/Germanic) are all in this together and we are all retarded in our own ways.

There are only a few things we can be 110% certain about:

  1. The invaders/invasive have to go back to their shitholes, it’s our homelands.
  2. !
  3. !
  4. Epstein didn’t kill himself

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