China Is Hoarding the World’s Medical Supplies

China is hoarding essential medical supplies as the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic outbreak that began in Wuhan, China. Joining me to talk about this is Curtis Ellis. He’s the policy director with America First Policies. He was also a senior policy advisor to Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016.

China Uncensored


  1. ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 21, 2020

    I am not surprised, ravenous Ethno-centrism comes to play not unlike with Jewish people. The Han would murder the rest of the world if it meant they could benefit from it. Let this be a lesson to the West & Europe to never again let China or any Foreign power gain a monopoly on key production industries.

    Off-topic I am posting an update on my blog within the span of the next hour.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 22, 2020

      It seems as if, the world don’t learn. I will check it out.

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      • ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ · April 22, 2020

        The Western world and authority of Europe won’t learn until the consequences are dire making the right decision will barely amend the situation, but we should still try to nudge the present collective mindset on the right course or else there would be not point of any conviction.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 22, 2020

      Yes, that’s why we are here. Luckily China Uncensored has become relative succesful.

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