Genesis of the Nords

The Sperg Box

For silence, I pray; all you sons and daughters of Heimdall, whether great or small, be you wise or foolish, weak or strong. Would that you wish I shall recount the deeds of the All-Father – so numerous that none could recall them in their whole lot.

Before worlds were, nothing was. Before the Great Father gathered up the crude matter of Creation and ordered it, there was neither field nor grass, not forest nor tree. Before the loftiest of the Gods breathed of his own spirit into man, there was neither air nor water. The moon had not learned his power; neither had the sun found her home. Both were nameless.

Ginunngagap spread like a starless night. None could say the span of this heaving gap, for there was not yet life. It was neither cold nor hot; emptiness was as a mild summer evening. The great void yawned…

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