The Viking Onslaught

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Big fan of this guy’s blog, Weapons and Warfare. When you have some free time (like now) be sure to read through his selections.

The Anglo-Saxons commonly called them ‘Danes’ or ‘heathens’. To the Franks, they were simply ‘the Northmen’. But history knows them as the Vikings, possibly derived from the West Norse word vikingr, meaning ‘one who fights at sea’ or viking, ‘warfare at sea’. Perhaps it was merely because many of the original Norse raiders of the […]

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  1. Seax · April 24, 2020

    Vikings are directly responsible for my eventual obsession with pan-Germanicism.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 24, 2020

      Vikings has a great appeal to Germanic people, I think. Only Wehrmacht and Waffen SS can be considered rivals, when it comes to the attention Vikings still get. I think I remember, that WWII and Vikings was the most popular topics for Danish historians.

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  2. Seax · April 24, 2020

    Vivat Magna Germania! Nunc et in saecula saeculorum!

    Vivat Danorum et vivat Nova Anglia!

    Devs salve Brittania und Deutschland über Alles!

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