A unavoidable conflict



When it comes to the demographic genocide of North and West European people, in North and West Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Time is a key point, the longer we wait the worse the conflict will be.

Relateret billede

If we (the danish people) decided to kick the invaders out today, they would properly start rioting and maybe even start a full scale race war against us natives.

That would be 7 of us for each time there were 3 of them, if we wait a few decades, it would be 5 against 5, if we wait a few decades more, it would be 3 of us against 7 of them.

At the same time older and weaker people would take up a bigger part of our population, while their population would be a lot younger.

Relateret billede

Trump and Brexit “victories” are only bringing a false sense of “moving…

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  1. vhallkrimvost · April 24, 2020

    Hence it is best we form local kinship groups/tribes to support our own.

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