The 33 Strategies of War

Thanks to Et ego in Almania

The 33 Strategies of War

The author argues in his initial argument that we are currently taught in our modern democracies that war and conflict are a part of the past. And this is wrong. Actually, your enemies are hiding their strategies behind a cover of “modern pacifism” while waging war against you.

His argument is much better than my compressed version indicates.

So, after that he presents the 33 strategies of war in 5 sections:

1. Personal War: Getting into the warrior spirit and becoming ready for war
2. Organizatiol War: How to form an army that is actually up for the task ahead
3. Defensive War: How to break an attacker (without committing war crimes)
4. Offensive War: How to overwhelm a defender (without committing war crimes)
5. Unconventional, dirty War: How to fight in a Guerrilla/undeclared war (war crimes be damned)

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