History Teacher Fired for Allowing Students to Question “Holocaust” Loses Lawsuit on Appeal

Jason Mostafa Ali, a New Jersey history teacher of Egyptian descent, had his appeal in a lawsuit alleging discrimination at the hands of the principal at his school tossed out of federal court.

The dispute began in 2017, when Woodbridge High School’s Jewish principal Glenn Lottman lobbied local Superintendant Robert Zega to have him fired.

One of the papers was based on the documentary “Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told,” showing just how far revisionists have come in impacting the debate over the Second World War.

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  1. vhallkrimvost · April 30, 2020

    I hear ’em now, “Oh look we’re bringing in Arab, Africans, Asians, etc. into the bloodstream of the nation. They ain’t white so they won’t oppose us.” In reality their fabrications / delusions can’t hold up. The muslim world knows about Israeli atrocities committed against the Palestinians.

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    • Viking Life Blog · April 30, 2020

      You are absolutely right. The Globo Homo, Cultural Marxism, LGBT, Feminism, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Slavic, etc. alliance is only build on fighting the White heterosexual man. Most of them are “natural” enemies and would end up fighting each others, if there were no White heterosexual men.

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