Ancient European Creationism

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(Expanded audio version available on the Lorecast, see comments below for link.)

So here we are, in review. I have heretofore put out three (with Ovid as a bonus) podcast episodes dealing with Creationism in the European anthology of mythopoeic cycles. I have retold the stories from the peoples I study most, the Hellenic, Nordic and Finno-Ugric peoples. I have sources my retellings variously, using as close to primary source documents as possible. The Theogeny, from Greece, the Eddas from Norse and the Kalevala from Finnish. The course of this essay, and the podcast that accompanies it, shall put forward the general purpose of my beginning the Lorecast proper.

My goal is to illustrate, and make a case for, a prehistoric unity that informs the European races. While my intent is not to promote an indistinction among the ethnicities, I wish to show that unity and diversity can, should and…

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