National Socialist Movement of Denmark


The National Socialist Movement of Denmark (DanishDanmarks Nationalsocialistiske BevægelseDNSB) is a National Socialist political party in Denmark. The movement traces its origins back to DNSAP (Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Arbejderparti), the Danish National Socialist party founded in the mid-1930s, more or less as a copy of Hitler‘s German NSDAP. After the end of the Second World War, a few people continued under the original party name, and published the newspaper Fædrelandet (The Fatherland) during the period 1952-1972. The movement was dissolved, reformed, and renamed several times in the period 1972-1991. The current incarnation of Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Bevægelse was founded on 1 September 1991 by the current chairman, Jonni Hansen.

Under Hansen’s leadership, the movement has resumed publication of Fædrelandet, and started the National Socialist local radio station, Radio Oasen, which can be received in an area around Greve south of Copenhagen as well as being broadcast on the Internet.

The movement keeps its membership count secret, but it has been estimated at around 1,000 passive and around 150 active members.

DNSB has twice run for municipality council elections in Greve, Denmark, in 1997 and 2001. In the 1997 election, they gained 0.5% of the votes, and in 2001 0.23% (73 votes).

More recently, DNSB ran for the Greve municipality council and Region Sjælland (region Zealand) regional council in the 15 November 2005 municipality and Regional Council elections. This represented the first time since the Second World War that the voters could elect a National Socialist candidate above the municipality level. Although they got only 73 votes in Greve (0.3%) and 611 votes in the region (0.1%).

Source: Metapedia

After more than 25 years as chairman of DNSB, Jonni Hansen choose to stop 19. oktober 2010. He was replaced as chairman by Esben Kristensen. After the change of chairman, Daniel Carlsen chose to leave the movement on 3 of April 2011. Since then, Daniel Carlsen has drawn many members to form a new “modern national party”, which has officially shelved National Socialism. Carlsen has since formed the Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti or DP).

Source: Wikipedia

The Party of the Danes (sometimes translated the Danes’ Party) (DanishDanskernes Parti) was a political party in Denmark. The party described itself as nationalist and ethnopluralist.

The party ran for municipal councils in 2013, but did not win any seats. In 2015 it started collecting signatures in order to get on the ballot for the next national election, and in April 2016 the party claimed to have collected half the necessary signatures. On 24 June 2017, the party announced that Daniel Carlsen had decided to retire from politics to concentrate on his family, and that the rest of the leadership therefore had decided to close the party.

Source: Wikipedia

Danskernes Parti

Jonni Hansen

On March 29, 2000, Jonni Hansen was sentenced to one year in prison for aggravated violence and two years’ disqualification from driving his car three months earlier, driving his car directly into a crowd of demonstrators who were sawing down the fence in front of his villa in Greve, where DNSB is located. One of the protesters was seriously injured. Jonni Hansen appealed the sentence to the Eastern High Court, which increased the sentence to 1½ years in prison.

During a demonstration in Kolding for Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess on his 20th death-day, 17. august 2007, Jonni Hansen was arrested and charged with violence against the police. He was subsequently remanded in custody until 30. August. On November 1, he was sentenced to 60 days in prison for the offence – he asked for a period of reflection to possibly appeal the sentence.

On the 11. oktober 2009, Jonni Hansen was indicted for racism by the Attorney General. The accusation was that Jonni Hansen, as chairman of DNSB, was responsible for the distribution of racist fliers in Gladsaxe and Bagsværd in October and November 2006 respectively, and that these had been available on the DNSB website. Furthermore, the Attorney-General considered it an aggravating circumstance that it was propaganda. The flyers, headed “Denmark – wake up !”, urged, among other things, to throw out “the strangers” Jonni Hansen told the that the charge was an attempt to curtail freedom of expression and that he was prepared to take the case to the Supreme Court.

In April 2010, Jonni Hansen was indicted for violating the racism clause, responsible for the contents of some “Nazi” flyers and for racist propaganda activities. He was on Tuesday, 13 November 2015. On 15 April 2010, he was summoned to a hearing at Roskilde court accused of persing racist propaganda activities – with a requirement of 4 months in prison, but was acquitted.

Source: Wikipedia


  1. ᛋᛠᛣ · May 3, 2020

    You could do quite a lot with 150 good men. Much more if 1,000 lazy members could be energised. That’s a lot of potential brain power.

    The Danish NS are discussed often on Nordic Frontier. I hear good things.

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 3, 2020

      They are not really active anymore, it went down when Jonni and Daniel left.

      Yeah, Danish and Swedish nationalists have a relative long history together, the same goes for Norway and Germany. NRM is with DNSB in the first prcture.

      Liked by 2 people

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