Never Forget!

Expellee memorial, showing the coat of arms of East Prussia, Danzig, West Prussia, Pomerania, Brandenburg (for East Brandenburg), Silesia, Upper Silesia, and the (originally Austrian) Sudetenland. Posen is not included. Historically, these coat of arms did not all exist at the same time.

Former eastern territories of Germany (Wikipedia)

Grey: Territory lost after World War I
Black: Territory lost after World War II
Red:  Present-day Germany
German Empire (1871–1918)

Territorial evolution of Germany (Wikipedia)

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Ethnic Cleansing of Germans 1945 – 1950

Map: Distribution of German speakers prior to and after 1945.

Read about WWII here

Truth Fears No Investigation

Billedresultat for denmark and germany

Denmark–Germany relations


Schleswig, Holstein, and Lauenburg


Castles in Schleswig-Holstein

Holsten Gate in Lübeck

Isted Lion


Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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