Getaway in Stockholm, Ghost Rider and Turbo Rider

I have forgotten about Getaway in Stockholm, until I saw Muunyayo blog about it.

Getaway in Stockholm

If you prefer bikes, check out Ghost Rider

In an interview with PB motorcycling magazine, Patrik Furstenhoff, Swedish Wheelie Team Member and widely accepted as the Ghost Rider himself, had this to say:

We saw a movie called ‘Getaway in Stockholm’, which is a car chase movie. But it’s all made up. We couldn’t believe the world was raving about it. The policeman was actually a body builder, he even had baggy pants on. It wasn’t real. There’s a hardcore group of riders and drivers in Stockholm who do this for real, but yet the “Getaway in Stockholm” movie was a rental car pretending to be a police car and it was all in the middle of the night with empty roads. You can print this; it was shit. And we made up the Ghost Rider as a big ‘you suck’ to the car guys.

It is highly likely that the movie Furstenhoff saw was the first one of the Getaway in Stockholm series. While the authenticity of the police car in the first film is questionable, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the police cars in the later parts since many of them are captured on the video less than one car-length away. As a response to Furstenhoff’s critique, Getaway in Stockholm 8 features some motorcycle scenes and some humorous scenes making fun of the Ghost Rider.

Source: Wikipedia

Notable feats 

  • In Ghost Rider: The Final Ride, Ghost Rider does a timed run in Sweden from Stockholm to Uppsala (dubbed Uppsala Run, a distance of 68 km or 42.6 miles) in 14m 55s with an average speed of 273.1 km/h (170.1 mph) in heavy traffic. He breaks his own record in Uppsala Run 2 (Ghost Rider Goes Crazy in Europe) with a faster bike by a mere two seconds (14m 53s) with even heavier traffic present. 
  • In Ghost Rider Goes Crazy in Europe, Ghost Rider does a timed run in ParisFrance on the Paris Peripherique (French term for ring road/beltway) and completes the circuit with an elapsed time of 9m 57s. This was done as a tribute to a French street racer going by the alias “Le Prince Noir” (The Black Prince) who completed the circuit on his motorcycle in 11m 04s in 1989.
  • Also in Ghost Rider Goes Crazy in Europe, Ghost Rider does a timed run in the Netherlands from Rotterdam to Amsterdam (a distance of approximately 70 kilometers) in 20m 32s. 

Source: Wikipedia

There is also a crazy German guy called Turbo Rider, who drives 400+ km/h.


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