15 people (10 Albanians) charged with smuggling nine tonnes of cocaine

File:Flag of Albania.svg

They are accused of having participated – to varying degrees – through an organised network in the smuggling and trafficking of a total of nine tonnes of cocaine from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany during a period from 2012 to summer 2019. In addition, a number of the persons have been charged with violation of gun laws.

The defendants are two Danish nationals, a Swedish national, two nationals of Kosovo and 10 Albanian nationals. They range in age from 21 to 50.

Source: Danish Police

GANGSTERS’ PARADISE How blight of Albanian gangs is turning the South East of England into a European crime hotspot.

31 arrested in major international cases, including 1650 kilos of cocaine and heroin

The feared Albanian mafia muscling in on drugs trade in Birmingham – Arabs, Africans & Eastern Europeans.

Albanian gangs have significant control over UK cocaine market, says crime agency.

How Albanian drug lords and their knife-wielding goons are exploiting Europe’s porous borders to unleash a murder spree on Britain’s streets that’s seen 67 slain in London alone this year (2018).

Influx of Eastern European killers and conmen is putting a financial burden on UK courts.

There is a stark contrast between Western and Eastern Europeans. – Those from Eastern Europe received more in welfare than the average UK citizen — and paid less income tax.

Western European Immigrants vs Eastern European Immigrants

We need to stop giving economic aid to Europe’s Mexico and build a wall!

Eastern Europe is our Mexico!

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