“Antifa” Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist

Commune Magazine, a flashy and professional looking “antifa” publication that sought to provide intellectual direction to the anarchist movement, announced yesterday that it would discontinue its operations and refund all its subscribers.

The catalyst for this decision were allegations that an unnamed editor had raped another left-wing activist. A source familiar with the matter has confirmed to National Justice that the alleged rapist is Shyam P. Khanna, a 31-year-old anarchist organizer based in Brooklyn.

Read more here at National Justice


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · May 16, 2020


    Better rapists than racists. So the feminist signpost reads.

    So nice when everyone gets what they want in life.

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    • Viking Life Blog · May 16, 2020

      You are absolutely right.

      Cultural Marxism: It’s not about being a good person, it’s only about having the “right views”.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · May 16, 2020

        Hey. I hate the right people too.


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