Immigrants seem clearly over-represented among the corona-infected in Denmark – now they are assiduously looking for politically correct explanations

Aarhus Universitetshospital, Skejby.jpg

Some data indicate that people from non-Western immigrant backgrounds are more infected with corona virus than others.

The latest example from Denmark concerns patients at Aarhus University Hospital.

“We established a clinical database a few weeks ago, and we have almost all of the data in hospital keyed in there,” said Steffen Leth, who is paramedic and PhD. at aarhus university hospital to B.T.

‘From that picture, it might look like there’s a relative over-representation of people from different ethnic backgrounds. It’s about 18-20 percent of admissions,’ he said.

According to Statistics Denmark, the proportion of non-Western immigrants is 12 percent in Aarhus Municipality. So there is a fairly considerable over-representation of immigrants among the corona-infected.

Even before the Danish debate on the very large number of immigrants among the corona-infected took off, there were reports from abroad pointing out a clear trend in this direction.

The domestic debate got a boost when chief medical officer Thomas Benfield from the Infectious Medicines Department at Hvidovre Hospital on 22. April said to B.T.:

“When I see who is in our department, it looks like there are more people from ethnic backgrounds than otherwise. The picture is the same in the intensive care unit.”

“Without me putting the numbers together, I can also see from the name lists that there are more non-Danish names in relation to how the population composition is otherwise.”

Source: Den Korte Avis

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