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  6. steve · May 29, 2020

    I think you need to do some more research on this one. I also read the initial article as the fella was a nurse. Then I started to research the topic and found that the fella was a resident of the nursing home. He was sent there because he had corona wu han flu.
    Now the questions are (if you use your critical thinking skills); how did this fella get into a position that SOMEONE sent him to the facility? If the fella was in jail or prison, who decided to send him there? If the fella was a covid patient; why wasn’t he quarantined in a safe place (why a nursing home)?
    From the little that I could glean from the (purposefully in my opinion) news articles; he was a mental health patient that tested positive for covid. So if he was in “custody” for a mental health problem, why was he released from the behavioral health facility and placed into a nursing home? And if he WAS in a mental/behavioral health facility, then that means he demonstrated enough “crazy” the it warranted locking him up.
    So many questions and a story that is being whitewashed.


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