Black on White Nursing Home Attacks are Extremely Common, Just Like Black on White Crime

The story of the most recently covered nursing home attack is not an isolated incident.  This attack is just one of  thousands of annual examples of black on white elder abuse in a care facility that the media chose to steer completely clear from.

The video, which had been posted on social media and shared several times by concerned citizens, resulted in an arrest by police shortly after going viral, but cases like these tend to result in negligible sentences. In some cases, the abusers bail immediately and are reprimanded with just a fine. Many of them roam free today.

In a YouTube video, the most recently reported abuser, claimed that the ‘black race is the chosen race.’  If the attacker and the victim in this case was in the reverse, congressional hearings and national news headlines about ‘white racism,’ would surely follow.

In this case however, Google barely turns up any search results.  This is not dissimilar from the countless other abuse cases that are almost identical to this one.

Watch Jaydon Hayden on video here

This is not the first, nor is it the last white victim of a horrific attack in a nursing home.  In fact, if you tally just the most recent 25 reported nursing home attacks in America, black or brown perpetrators on white victims is the most common.

There are thousands of attacks just like these, and hundreds just in the past few years alone. In almost every single instance, it is a black care worker or several black care workers teaming up to beat helpless elderly white victims.

Watch some 15 horrible excamples here at The Red Elephants

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