Himmler’s Mini-Wolf’s Lair – SS Hochwald

Near the Wolf’s Lair in present-day Poland are the ruins of Hochwald, Himmler’s forgotten SS headquarters for the Eastern Front. Discover the history of this most secret site.

Mark Felton Productions


The Strange Death of Heinrich Himmler

Himmler’s Uniform

SS-1 – Himmler’s Car

Gudrun Burwitz Himmler

Stille Hilfe – The Organisation to Help Defiant National Socialists

Joachim Peiper

About Joachim Peiper I

About Joachim Peiper II

Kampfgruppe Peiper – Composition Schwere SS-Panzer Abteilung 501.

Ribbentrop’s Gold – Hunt for the Missing Millions

Kursk – The battle of Prokhorovka through the eyes of Panzer Ace Rudolf von Ribbentrop

Rest In Peace: Rudolf von Ribbentrop

Schloss Steinort

Schloss Steinort - Sztynort

This ‘would have been’ beautiful building and the ground it stands on was stolen by Poland and the Judeo-Slavic people.

Ordensburg Marienburg

Königsberg Castle

Breslau Puppet Theater

The Polish Atrocities Against The German Minority In Poland…!

Hans Schadewaldt – The Polish Atrocities against the German Minority in Poland

Polish atrocities against Germans


Ethnic Cleansing of Germans 1945 – 1950

Map: Distribution of German speakers prior to and after 1945.

The Disappearance of the Eastern Germans

The truth fears no investigation

Read about WWII here



Germania & The Niederwalddenkmal

Stolen Land – Oder–Neisse line

Never Forget!


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