1 Tiger Tank vs. 50 T-34 Tanks (Battle of Kursk, 1943)


Today we look at one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever heard from WWII about one German tank commander whose Tiger I tank was able to hold off 50 T-34 tanks and even destroy 22 of them during the Battle of Kursk in 1943. Franz Staudegger was also given the Iron Cross twice for his actions as a tank commander.


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1 Tiger Tank vs 50 T-34s – A True Story

The Tiger Tank That Wouldn’t Die

Wounded Tiger Tanks vs. US Halftracks

Panther Ambush – Normandy 1944

Panther vs Sherman – Operation Nordwind 1945

Jagdpanther vs. Churchill – Normandy 1944

Tiger Ambush – Normandy 1944

Jagdtiger Ambush – Ardennes 1944

Jagdtiger Ambush 1945!

SS King Tiger Last Stand: Berlin 1945

Tiger I and Stug III in the Battle of Narva (February, 1944)

Ferdinands/Elefants on the Eastern Front

About German WWII Tanks – Panther and Jagdtiger

About King Tiger (Tiger II)

Tiger I

The Great Tiger We All Know And Love

How effective was the Tiger I and Tiger II really?

King Tiger: Why NO MG-42, but MG-34?

8.8 cm KwK 43 and 8.8 cm Pak 43

Same Size Different Round

Kursk 1943 – The Tigers of the Das Reich Division | Tank Battles of WW2

Kursk – The battle of Prokhorovka through the eyes of Panzer Ace Rudolf von Ribbentrop

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