Animal Paintings by Bruno Liljefors

Vermont Folk Troth

“Bruno Liljefors was born May 14, 1860 in Uppsala, the son of gunpowder merchant Anders Liljefors (1813 -) and Margaret Mary Lindbeck (1829 -). As a child, it is said that Bruno was sickly and weak and therefore spent much time indoors, where he sat and drew and drew. In order to improve his health, he was prescribed fresh air and walking.

Already as a young man he drew with a sure hand animals in motion, such as dogs, foxes and flying birds. He spent much time outdoors, both on hunting trips and friluftsman.

All these exercises caused him to grow up to be an athletic gymnast. Along with his two younger brothers, he performed even at the circus for a period of “The Brothers Manzondi”.

Nineteen years old, he joined the Academy where he attended the years 1879-1882. There he met Anders Zorn, and they became good friends.


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