The Good ‘Karens’

The media is aghast at a recent incident in a remote part of Central Park, where a white woman dialed 911 after a black man allegedly threatened her over her dog and began to film her.

The woman, Amy Cooper, is being subjected to 2 minutes of hate. She has been nicknamed “Karen” — a racial slur for white women — by the Jewish press. She was fired from her job merely for calling the police when she believed she was in danger. She will be permanently banned from Central Park.

The black man in this specific instance may not have been a direct violent threat, but the woman in question was wise not to gamble. In 2019, 93% of all murders, 86% of rapes, 85% of felonius assaults, 96% of shootings, and 92% of robberies in New York City were committed by blacks or “Hispanics” — a term used for Dominicans and Puerto Ricans who in the city are often just blacks who speak Spanish.

The Good Karens  

Under the system that controls America, the only good Karen is a murdered, raped, or mugged one. And when their attackers are finally caught, enormous institutional barriers are erected to ensure the people who victimize them are free to do it again.

Read more here at National Justice

Who is this Karen everyone is talking about?

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