Jews ‘Celebrate’ After Destroying Rep. Steve King’s Career For Opposing Their Anti-White Agenda

After publicly daring to oppose the radical anti-White agenda being pushed in Congress by Jewish ‘Republicans’, Iowa Rep. Steve King predictably lost his congressional primary re-election bid on Tuesday night, after wealthy Jewish donors heavily financed his opponent’s campaign.

Read more here at Christians For Truth

How the Israel Lobby Controls America

AIPAC Jewish Lobby “Full of Lies and Liars” Says Council for the National Interest

AIPAC Hails Billions Given to Israel in Omnibus Spending Bill

As US Approaches Record Deficit, Israel Asks for Record Handout

FBI Document Reveals That Without Direct Israeli ‘Intervention’ Trump Would Have Lost 2016 Election.

Jewish Lobby Opposes Child Detentions on US Border, But Support it in Israel

Southern Poverty Law Center Rolling in Millions Held in Offshore Bank Accounts

ADL, CNN, FBI, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Pushing to Criminalize White Nationalism

New ADL Survey Admits Hatred Of Jews Hits 40 Year High, But They Don’t Tell Us WHY

ADL Stokes Race War In America With Anti-White Inflammatory Race Baiting Propaganda.

American Priorities

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