Brooklyn Based “Antifa” Network Helping Organize Violence Across the United States

As American cities burn and people are murdered in the street with impunity by groups protesting the death of George Floyd, very little reporting has been done on who exactly is responsible beyond tweets from Donald Trump about the mobs being led by “Antifa” (Anti-Fascist) — an umbrella term anarchist organizations use as propaganda when trying to win liberal support for paramilitary attacks they conduct on nationalist protesters and Trump supporters.

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Another Democrat Led American City is Burning and being Looted by Blacks, Go Figure

Minneapolis Riots: Looting & Arson After Floyd Death Says More About BLM Than Anything Else.

Black Looters Attacking White Handicapped Woman

George Floyd And Derek Chauvin Worked At The Same Nightclub

CNN Tells Idiots The Riots are Peaceful While They are Being Attacked

Jewish Mayor Jacob Fry Blames ‘White Supremacists’ For Minneapolis Riots And Destruction.

Who’s Recruiting, Mobilizing & Paying The Professionals Behind All This Mayhem

More Black on White Crime from Rioters and Looters

ADL Stokes Race War In America With Anti-White Inflammatory Race Baiting Propaganda.

Lefty Rioters Freaking Out That Suburbs Shoot Back

Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Gave the Most Important Monologue of His Career

“Items” Showing Up “Strategically” Across the Country Have Raised Questions, Who’s Organizing This.

Israeli Consul Confirms Over 100 Minneapolis Police Officers Received Israeli ‘Anti-Terror’ Training in 2012.

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“Antifa” Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist

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