Project Veritas Infiltrates ANTIFA and Reveals They Are Organized, Armed and Plotting Violence

Video on BitChute

Project Veritas goes undercover and infiltrates ANTIFA, exposes them plotting violence, including things like ‘destroying’ their enemies and gouging people’s eyes out.


ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge, it takes very little pressure to injure someone’s eyes.”

In light of recent events, Project Veritas today released a video exposing the violent nature of the controversial group known as “Antifa.”

Project Veritas

Brooklyn Based “Antifa” Network Helping Organize Violence Across the United States

“Items” Showing Up “Strategically” Across the Country Have Raised Questions, Who’s Organizing This.

“Antifa” Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist

Pedophile Antifa Leader Found Guilty Of Raping Underage Girl

Antifa in Austin Texas Specifically Recruiting the Mentally Ill

About Antifa

Read about Antifa here

Brave Mother Who Fought Off Six Antifa

Antifa TORMENT Disabled Senior Citizens at Bernier Rubin Event

ANTIFA Plans Acid Attack on Free Speech Rally

Antifa Targets Tucker’s Home AGAIN After He Stops a War

The Antifa-Journo Circus Exposed

Kansas City Antifa group brags about assaulting police officers

Police Uncover Antifa-Linked High-Explosives, Chemicals, and Mobile Bomb Factory

Antifa Professor Confronted About Chasing Fields Into His Car at Charlottesville

Remember the 4th of November, Antifa Didn’t Come Out For Their Own Protest

Antifa Meeting Infiltrated and Caught on Tape Discussing Protest Tactics

Antifa: US security agencies label group ‘domestic terrorists’

Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932

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