Coronavirus, Meningitis Tell Us: Without Borders We Die

Italian doctor Alessandro Meluzzi, while speaking on the topic of coronavirus, also said:

I want to remind everyone present of something that nobody remembers: the very strong growth of meningitis in Italy, especially in Tuscany, is related to the fact that the type C meningococcus [meningococcal type C bacterium], which almost did not exist in Italy, comes from the meningococcus belt. That is the Sahel, from which 90% of African migration to Italy originates.

The idea of a globalised, borderless world is a dystopian view, totally unrealistic and, if tried to put into practice — as many forces are trying at the moment, against people’s will — it will lead to chaos and highly destructive consequences.

There is a reason why the various peoples, nations, ethnic groups have spontaneously formed and united themselves into separate societies.

Read more here at National Vanguard

New scientific metanalysis, measuring results from 1,001 earlier estimates, concludes that ethnic diversity and social trust have a negative relationship.

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