Blacks and Leftist Destroy and Loot, State and Federal Tax Dollars Pay to Rebuild?

The Tactical Hermit

Minneapolis sees $55M in building damage, looting during George Floyd protests

I think I called this when all this non-sense began but it has been talked about very little, I guess because everybody is busy showing their white guilt by politically genuflecting and showing their support for militant black groups that seek to de-fund police departments and call for violence against WHITE people.

Blacks and Far Left Groups burning down American cities (that are predominantly ran by liberals) across this country is a GENERATIONAL problem that is time and time again paid for with YOUR State and Federal Tax Dollars.

Before we all take a knee and beg forgiveness from these people I would like to ask that they first take ownership of the hundreds of millions dollars worth of damage they have caused, but we all know that is a pipe dream…just like it is a fantasy to believe…

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