Win For Antifa, Warning For The Free West — The Blast

Vermont Folk Troth

Alinsky’s strategy is to turn every event to a political advantage, & that is what Antifa did with the death of George Floyd. Whereas the Black Lives Matter group exists as an organisation rooted in Cultural Marxism and Critical theory, there were people at their demonstrations who felt genuinely aggrieved by the circumstances of Floyd’s death. Antifa on the other hand merely saw it as an opportunity.

Of course the whole “unfair treatment of blacks by police” narrative is a hoax, as are most examples of critical theory that are given currency and faux legitimacy by the corrupt fake news media. The facts on why it is a hoax are well covered elsewhere. What is more important here is the success of Antifa, in using the Floyd death so effectively. The riots, the looting, arson & destruction instigated by this group were merely a muscle flexing exercise. A dry…

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