Entire South Florida SWAT team resigns after chief of police and local officials took a knee with protesters who called for investigation into dawn raid which killed black man

  • Ten-member SWAT team of Hallandale Beach police department resigned Friday
  • They cited outrage at their command chiefs and local elected officials for taking a knee with protesters
  • The protesters had called for the reopening of the case of Howard Bowe
  • Bowe was fatally shot by the SWAT team in a dawn raid on his home in 2014
  • In a letter of resignation to the chief of police, the unit said the safety of police dogs was of greater concern to officials than the team’s safety
  • It specifically targeted Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana claiming she had compared them to the Minneapolis Police Department that killed George Floyd

Read more here at Daily Mail

Sunset at Hallandale Beach

Florida Sheriff Advises Residents To Use Their Guns To Literally ‘Blow’ Looters And Rioters Out of Their Homes.

Florida Man


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