My One and Only Rant about this Bullshit

The Tactical Hermit

I have not been writing a lot on what has been happening in this country (and around the world) for the simple fact I have been too busy with more important things: Like gearing up, training my family and tuning my rifles and sidearms.

Besides, the time for TALK is over IMO. These goons have made that clear.

I know this song and dance, in fact I know the playbook these goons are reading from.

But just for shits and giggles, here it goes:

Marxist, Gender confused soy-boy gangs running with black power thugs on an Anti-White crusade all in the name of another “Justice for another black thug” looting extravaganza at Target while spineless elitist liberal cucks in all areas of Government genuflect and pander for the ghetto vote while Hollyweird morally corrupt white elitist liberals crying on Youtube asking blacks to forgive them? Meanwhile in third urban world…

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