Winston the spendaholic: He teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and was saved by secret backhanders. Yet a “new” book on Churchill’s finances reveals he spent £40,000 a year on casinos and £54,000 on booze

Thanks to Friedrich R. von Gasserlich

  • Churchill spent most of his life swimming in a mountain of personal debt
  • Gambled equivalent of £40,000 a year on holidays to the south of France
  • Had £54,000 bill from his wine merchant, including £16,000 for Champagne
  • Secret benefactor gave him £1million in 1940 as he became Prime Minister 

“In the States, he stayed with media tycoon William Randolph Hearst and bought stakes in electrical ventures and gas companies, before heading to California where he indulged in late-night parties with Hollywood’s movie elite and toured the studios.”

Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill in Tehran.

“After lunch with Charlie Chaplin on the set of his latest film, City Lights, Churchill boarded Hearst’s yacht and wrote to Clemmie that he had banked £1,000 (£50,000 today) by cashing in some shares in a furniture business called Simmons.”

BBC Four documentary reveals friendship between Churchill and a Jewish film producer

“His efforts to cling to some kind of solvency became desperate. He borrowed money wherever he could — from his brother, his bank, his brokers, his publishers and newspaper editors. He arranged another speaking tour in America and took out insurance against its cancellation — then used the General Election of 1931 as an excuse for postponing and claiming his £5,000 (£250,000) indemnity.”

Sir Henry Strakosch (9 May 1871 – 30 October 1943) being a Jew and his involvement in the payment of the private debts of Sir Winston Churchill, in 1938 and again in June 1940, has been cited as evidence of Jewish involvement in British politics in the run up to World War Two. Strakosch had supplied Churchill with figures on German arms expenditure during the latter’s political campaign for rearmament against the “Nazi” regime, and the financial arrangement enabled Churchill to withdraw his home Chartwell from sale at a time of financial pressures. Strakosch also bequeathed Churchill £20,000 in his will.


Salvation came from an unexpected quarter. Churchill turned to his friend Brendan Bracken, co-owner of The Economist, to find him a rescuer. Bracken, in turn, approached his business partner, Sir Henry Strakosch, who was a fervent admirer of Churchill. He was also immensely wealthy.

Two months earlier, at Bracken’s request, Churchill had visited Sir Henry at his house in Cannes. The 68-year-old, who had made his fortune at the helm of South Africa’s gold-mining Union Corporation, had been unwell and Bracken described him as a ‘lonely old bird’.

How Wealthy Jews Bribed and Controlled Winston Churchill

“He [Henry Strakosch] had no hesitation in paying off £12,000 (about £660,000 today) of his share-trading debts.”

“Churchill was determined to enlist the military might of the United States and American guests became frequent visitors to Chequers.”

The destruction of Dresden, February 1945.

“The death of Sir Henry Strakosch in October 1943 brought a legacy of £20,000 (£1million) as well as cancelling a loan.”

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British Empire at its territorial peak in 1921.

Adolf Hitler: England Does Not Want Peace – 8th November 1939

Everything People Believed about Hitler’s Intentions Toward Britain was a Myth Created by Churchill.

Winston Churchill

British Empire in World War II

Truth Fears No Investigation

Read about WWII here

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