Texas News: More BLM Violence Against Whites in Houston

The Tactical Hermit

Group attacks customer outside Texas convenience store

So let me give you a more Politically Incorrect headline since even Fox news can’t get it right:


To be honest, I am not sure this guy is white, maybe light skinned mixed race because he has what looks like an afro. I do know his girlfriend was black.

It appears all this guy did was speak up when this gaggle of BLM goons tried to cut in front of him at the store.

The lesson here: ALWAYS be ARMED, especially when in ANY part of Houston!

I had to laugh at the victim’s girlfriend statement at the end of the article about her not wanting this to be “Black vs White thing” Ha! Go tell that to these Black BLM Goons! I thing they would beg to differ.

BLM is nothing but…

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