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As I write this I am several hours away from embarking on a trek to a mountain to meet up with a few brothers. I shall be administering a baptism or two. My criteria from leadership was almost frustratingly simple; deep and meaningful that echoes our pagan past. There is a good possibility that this is the first Pagan child blessing performed in these parts in a very long time. It is remotely possible that the Norsemen of L’Anse aux Meadow in fabled Vinland did. And if the Ogham in Vermont is true, than perhaps there. In Maine there is evidence, debatably, of Nordic settlement. Kentucky, too, has Runestones. Nevertheless, according to official history, such things are a rarity. Even if all the Weird things in America are true, it is not ironclad fact that they hearken to prechristian reality.

As it often goes, I suspect I might be alone…

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