Post-War Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Germans: Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia

Ethnic Germans had a long, substantial and peaceful presence in Russian lands for many generations. Most were farmers drawn to the area long ago in the days of Czars.

By 1914, there were 2,416,290 German civilians in Russia. A wave of hostility occurred after the Laws of Liquidation passed in 1915, and after the jewish Bolshevik Revolution of October 25, 1917, ethnic Germans of the former czarist empire were subjected to an organized campaign of jewish terror, rape, torture, mutilations, being burned alive and mass shootings. Many “Vistula Germans” had already fled, but the religious Volga-Germans were severely persecuted. By 1918, there were barely 1,621,000 Germans alive in Russia and by 1919, their pastors were sent to jewish slave camps.

The requisitions of 1917-1921 threatened the existence of the Ukrainian-German villages. In Kandel, Großliebental, Franzfeld, Josephtal and Landua, hundreds died from rampant starvation caused by the jewish Bolsheviks’ fiendishly crafted man-made famine. Between 1921 and 1923, this famine created so much emigration and death that the population of Germans decreased by another fourth. During this time, approximately 10,000 Volga-German children were forcibly taken from their parents with jewish promises of food when in truth they were removed and sent alone to their painful deaths. 350,000 Germans in Russia and Ukraine perished in the next arranged famine of 1932-1933.

The Treaty of Versailles at the end of World War One had already set the stage for violence which gravely impacted minority German communities in Eastern Europe. Even before the war was over, nationalities within Habsburg Lands were eager for independence, and France, Britain and the USA began investing money into those schemes and instigating dissension. With jewish Allied victory, Eastern Europe was carved up with the primary goal of destroying any possible future German prosperity and growth, and to prevent Germany and Austria from ever becoming too powerful again. This gravely impacted ethnic German minorities within the former realm.

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