Some Are Givers and Some Are Takers

IF CULTURAL APPROPRIATION is a bad thing, then all non-Whites should stop using technology. Anything that needs electricity to run, Africans should never use, since Whites invented the methods of generating and consuming electric power. Electricity is an often unacknowledged part of White culture, as are most chemical methods for operating machinery.

We White people did such things first, before anybody knew that they could be done. The other races either acquired advanced technology by direct transfer from White people, or else, if they were capable of it, they had before them the example of White invention, and they tinkered around until they’d created an imitation.

An Indian woman (dot-head, not woo-woo) named Priyamvada Gopal teaches English at the University of Cambridge in England. According to Wikipedia, her main teaching and research interests are in “colonial and postcolonial literature and theory,” “gender and feminism,” Marxism, and “critical race studies,” the latter of which should tell you that she is a well-practiced liar and a professional dispenser of pseudo-intellectual leftist garbage.

Read more here at National Vanguard

4chan Exposes Cambridge Professor For Saying White Lives Don’t Matter, Gets Promoted and Not Fired.

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