As Zimbabwe, So America: BLM Land-Stealing Plans

South Africa: These Blacks don’t mean death in the Patrick Henry sense. They mean your death — if you’re White.

NOW THAT BLACKS have destroyed large parts of most major US cities, it has occurred to certain members of Black Lives Matter that Whites own 98% of the rural land in this country. They’ve concocted a narrative that none of these Whites bought the land with money that they earned by working, but rather that all of these Whites “stole” the land from “non-Whites” (i.e., from Amerindians, but they don’t emphasize that) — presumably personally.

This is “unjust,” they say. These BLM spokespersons insist that the injustice of White ownership of land in the countryside be redressed by giving some of it to “non-Whites” (i.e., to Blacks).

Read more here at National Vanguard

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