German Court Sends 93 Year-Old Ex-Guard To Prison For Only 3 Years For Helping ‘Murder’ 5,230 Jews

German prosecutors are recommending that a 93-year-old ex-guard who is on trial for allegedly being an accessory in the murder of 5,230 Jews at the Stutthof concentration camp should be given a inexplicably light prison sentence of only three years.

The accused is charged with accessory to murder on 5,230 counts,” prosecutor Lars Mahnke told a court in Hamburg.

The defendant, Bruno Dey, was aged 17 and 18 when he served as an SS guard at the “Nazi” concentration camp in Stutthof between August 9, 1944 and April 26, 1945.

He is being tried by a juvenile court, because of his age at the time of the World War II crimes.

Read more here at Christians For Truth

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