Warrant Served on St. Louis Couple Who Defended Home Against BLM; Rifle Confiscated

LAW ENFORCEMENT officials in St. Louis have allegedly served a warrant on the St. Louis couple who recently defended their home when a large mob of angry BLM demonstrators trespassed on the grounds of their home and threatened the couple.

Attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon responded to the news by tweeting, “Missouri is a Castle Doctrine state, permitted among the broadest latitudes of any state in using even deadly force to protect yourself or your property. This couple used NO force, despite the imminent threat from a trespassing mob. The seizure of weapons is government overreach.”

Kevin Alfred Strom of the National Alliance said, “No, Mr. Watkins, it’s more than that. Even though neither the McCloskeys, nor you, nor the anti-Whites know it yet, it’s a clear sign of the end of the American justice system — and the end of the American republic. And that’s something we in the National Alliance knew was coming. And it had to come, given the American people’s inaction as their country was stolen from them. But there’s a good aspect to it. It clears the minds of millions of White Americans. And it clears the stage for what we must do.”

Read more here at National Vanguard

Ken and Karen Protect Their Home Against Protestors


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