For A Better America

A Thousand Points of White: One Strategy for Achieving White Nationalism

The First Shots Have Been Fired in the First War on US Soil in 155 Years

The Third American Revolution

Why the Constitution Failed

Unprecedented Decline?

As Zimbabwe, So America: BLM Land-Stealing Plans

American Roulette: Imagining a Dark Future and How to Deal With It

United States of Africa: Black Crime Wave Overwhelms Virtually All Major American Cities.

Time for America to Grow Up

Elections, Lies, and Psychological Abuse

The Slow-Boiling War

Attack by a Coward

A Dream Within a Dream

Definitions and the High Ground

“Set Your System on Fire, and Blow It up”

Big Tech Is Eating the World

Put Them in a Place Where They Can Only Lie to Each Other

How the Left Abandoned the Environment: Immigration

Coronavirus, Meningitis Tell Us: Without Borders We Die

We Must Dismantle Jewish Supremacy: Silence Is Not an Option

Racism in commercials


The Unluckiest Generation In U.S. History

Some Are Givers and Some Are Takers

It’s Never Been About “Fairness”

What Is Right and What Is Wrong

Eugenics and Anti-Eugenics

Southern Africa: What We Killed

The Swarm Is Coming

The Future Calls

The Science Is Settled

What’s Worth Fighting For

The Resistance Needs You!

The Power of Positive Thinking

What’s It All About?

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