The Duck and the Peacock

Natural law and the animal kingdom which it encompasses has many examples and lessons from which men could -and should- learn. After all, we are also animals of a sort. Are we not? Hunting, gathering, foraging, breeding – we do these things, as do all members of the animal kingdom. Yet we do these things in different ways, and for different purposes.

Animals do them simply to survive and propagate their species. While we do them to survive and propagate our species as well, we do them also in accordance with our principles and morals, and with our worldview in mind. For men, it is not that we do these things which matters most; it is how we do these things that matters; as they influence not only our success, but our future.

To illustrate my thesis, let us examine, compare, and contrast, two similar animals that go about their survival in very different ways. At the end of this examination, we will have to ask ourselves: Which animal serves as a better example for us to emulate? Furthermore, Which approach is more compatible with our present situation? The answers to these questions should serve to influence us as men, shape our brotherhood as a whole, and refine both our individual, and collective approaches to success.

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