About Links and Sources

Viking Life Blog – your least favorite blog!

I often write:

“From Wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt.”

Which should not be necessary, because we all know Wikipedia is anti-White.

According to Danish copyright law, I can only use about 20-25 % of a news article and I have to show sources.

It’s also about finding the right balance between sharing information and not stealing traffic from others.

Viking Life Blog – for the freethinker

I like to share information and have people coming to the same conclusion, as me.

Ofcause, that doesn’t work with NPCs. They need programming!

I think, that it’s hard to do both with my style of blogging. So I am mostly just sharing information for the freethinker.

The king of links

If you want more information, then just click the links in the bottom of most posts.



Both Environment and Genetic Makeup Influence Behavior

I have to approve the links, that I post. I have tried a few times, that WordPress has giving up on ‘approving my own links’. As I write this, I have not approved my own links for about two weeks.



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