Are Nationalist Autonomous Zones Possible?

WITH THE final destruction of the farce of the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), at the hands of a small force comprised of armed US policemen, that was more a squatter eviction than a battle; we are forced to wonder about the future of such attempts to create autonomous zones within existing states. The creation of the CHAZ in Eastern Seattle was always something of a LARP by local anarchists and Antifa rather than a serious attempt to ‘fight the system’ by seceding from it.

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Orania, Northern Cape

Jamel, Germany

Harrison, Arkansas




Why Germanic?

What’s It All About?

Freedom Through Duty


  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · August 19, 2020

    I came here to see if there would be any Leith posting.

    Aaaand there was. I remember when Craig Cobb happened.

    At first it was hope, then the patrol guy happened, then Craig went on TV and made everyone look bad.

    Never talk to the media, kids!!!

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    • Viking Life Blog · August 19, 2020

      Good point, it could properly have been a great place.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 19, 2020

        It could have! What’s maddening is that Cobb had a brain. I just don’t understand why he thought he’d be the one to dupe the (((media.)))


      • Viking Life Blog · August 19, 2020

        I never saw the TV program(s), but sometimes people want attention, notoriety, etc..

        Their ego gets bigger than their cause.

        We have had a few of them, in my life time.

        Mogens Glistrup (28 May 1926 – 1 July 2008) was a Danish politician, lawyer and tax protester. He founded the Progress Party, and was a member of the Folketing (1973–1983 and 1987–1990). He had his parliamentary immunity revoked a total of six times due to criminal convictions for tax fraud and racism.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 19, 2020

        Bummer. I guess that’s the same everywhere you go.

        You hear the last English speaking Nordic Frontier? Apparently a Dane’s been out burning Qur’an’s.


      • Viking Life Blog · August 19, 2020

        No, I don’t really do NRM after they openly went pro-Judeo-Slavic.

        It’s properly Rasmus Paludan, he have being doing it the last couple of years.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020

        Nordic Resistance went pro Judea? That sucks. I thought they were anti-Semitic?

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Maybe, but they are pro-Judeo-Slavic. Ashkanazi Jews and Slaves are practical the same, just like all Semites are the same.
        Look at the upper right corner on NRM page, they now have Russian, not Dutch or German, but fucking Russian.

        The good thing is, there is no Russian at the Danish NRM page.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020

        That’s odd. And concerning.

        My Russian history is limited only to the interaction of the Varangians with early dynastic Russia, and the idea that Ryurik founded the royal family. Something some Russians are evidently proud of.

        To that end. Is there some kind of Germanic enclave in Russia to speak of? Or is NRM doing this to appeal to the broader Pro-White movement which typically fails to analyse the character of outlier groups purporting to be White?

        I ask because that situation is similar to something which has occured here prior to WWII.

        America, well, the North and especially New England, once went out of our way to encourage British Isles and Scandinavian immigration (fine by me) and was generally opposed to Eastern Europeans.

        Fast forward to 2020. We are told that really, what happened, is Eastern European was a clever way of saying Jew and our ancestors couldn’t tell the difference.

        The immigration experience started with said Eastern Europeans, which does appear to have opened for Jews. That led to the browning, which you know.

        I won’t lie, I never thought much of it until fairly recently. By which I mean last year.

        I guess I’m just conflicted because I’ve always enjoyed listening to NRM because they run a clean ship, not a lot of black pills, I can learn a lot about Scandinavia because I can’t afford to go there.

        But then, I always wondered why they had so much English material too? I wondered, was it just convenience? In that many WNs and Ethnonationalists speak English?

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Yes, also Swedish Rus Vikings. But that was like 1000 years ago. And properly not in the numbers as with the British Islands.

        Germans was more or less the Germanic in the East, and they were all killed or pushed out.

        I am not sure about the first part, I believe that it was both. They saw both Jews and Eastern Europeans as a problem. Remember, Slaves are not our ethnic group, their culture and langauge is not like ours.

        Keep enjoy-ing NRM, we don’t know how rotten their ship is, yet.

        We learn English and German in School. Norway and Sweden, too (I guess).
        I think, most Scandinavian nationalist knows that we can not do this alone.
        If Denmark got Daniel Carlsen as Stat Minister and we started kicking out invaders. UN, EU, USA, etc. would start bombing us like Yugoslavia and they are not even White.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020

        For what it’s worth, even American Nationalists have to worry about being smoked by feds if we get uppity.

        I don’t like how ZOG abuses the will of the American peoples.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Yeah, they don’t like what is best for White people.

        I agree.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020

        Also, yeah. It’s strange that they wouldn’t have any of the Germanic languages besides English.

        You’d think a natural progression would be from like to like.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Thank you, that was my point. I am really disapointed in them.

        I remember reading on a forum, where they were chatting about a rumor, that the leadership in Swedish NRM wanted Russia to pretty much colonized Sweden. I think, that it came from an interview with their leader, the one who had been in prison.

        It’s hard not to believe, that they are gay-LARPing. When we can read that they go to Russia, has Russian langauge and a Russian page.

        Denmark, Norway and Iceland don’t have any link to Russian. Only gay Sweden and gay Finland.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020


        I don’t get that.

        I mean, I joke that I’m voting for Putin. But I don’t want Russia to invade.

        Why would anyone want that?

        If I’m not mistaken, all this business of Russia is based, is not necessarily true. I understand, maybe wrongly, that Putin is barely a step ahead of Civ-Nat, but he talks a big game. Maybe he’s hard on the gays (good for him.) But he also cucks hard on our greatest ally, which tells me that Russia is still in ZOG’s pocket like the rest of us.

        But Russia still had huge addiction and crime problems, has poz and such. Their entartetekunst is pretty entarted, shocks even me. I think of them as a more anti-fragile United States. Also, the first generation Russian immigrants play the system, often not always, but enough to give me pause. When I worked security, the only Whites in the welfare line were trailer trash and Slavs of I don’t know (or care) variety.

        I normally don’t vent my spleen about the Eastern Europeans because that’s actually a huge taboo in the circles I have to travel… But in America our immediate threat is yellow and brown, so it makes it easy to ignore Russia, Poland and the others.

        I guess I can only shrug.

        Time will tell.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Good points.

        I tend to look like this, what ever good that can be said about Russia and similar countries can be said about other non-Whites too. Arab and African countries can be based about gays and feminism, too.

        Yes, Putin and Russia is ZOG.

        Yes, only North and West Europeans can make good countries. Slavs make sh-tholes.

        Yes, they invade us like other non-Whites and behave in a similar way.

        We have similar problem here with the kosher “counter jihad movement”, who almost only think of Muslims.

        Remember it might be a taboo, but if people really are against White genocide they have to see a problem with them invading us.

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      • ᛋᛠᛉ · August 20, 2020

        Fair enough. For what it’s worth, while the Bund has no official answer, the general opinion of leadership has been that demographic replacement is bad. Poles as having a deleterious effect on Britain has been mentioned.

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      • Viking Life Blog · August 20, 2020

        Poland is the country where most immigrants come from in UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and number two in Germany.
        Russia is number three in Germany.
        You also see other Eastern Europeans in top ten in those countries.

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  2. ᛋᛠᛉ · August 19, 2020

    Good article, though.

    But seriously, I wish AmNats would stop talking to the media.

    It’s always used against the wider movement.

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    • Viking Life Blog · August 19, 2020

      I agree. We should make parallel societies with as little anti-White contact as possible.
      What they dont know, they wont hate.

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  3. germanicunity · August 19, 2020

    Reblogged this on Germanic Unity.


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