British Architect Stripped Of Professional License For Stating Jews ‘Invented’ Racism In Europe

To the delight of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, a powerful Jewish supremacy group, Peter Kellow, an architect who called Jews “inventers of European racism,” has been banned from his profession by the U.K. licensing board.

A professional conduct committee of the Architects Registration Board of the United Kingdom decided last week to oust Peter Kellow from its listed of licensed architects, the Jewish Chronicle reported. The delisting means that Kellow may not identify as an architect in that country, but he may continue to work in his profession and use an alternative title, such as architectural consultant.

The action against Kellow, which is unusually harsh, was based on the committee’s decision that Kellow was guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” when he posted in April 2019 on Facebook.

It was “not far from the truth” that Jews “were the inventers of European racism for they asserted they were racially different to the rest of us,” Kellow wrote. He added: “Judaists have got themselves into a lot of trouble thougout [sic] history being subject to pogroms, ghettos and expulsions. I am not saying this was justified, but why do we see this consistent pattern?

Kellow insisted during a committee hearing last week that he is allowed to express his personal opinions and is the target of a “witch hunt.”

Read more here at Christians For Truth



  1. ᛋᛠᛉ · August 21, 2020

    Press F for the country Britain could have been…

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